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July 25, 1968


July 12, 1968


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Carolyn is uncomfortable with Adam's affections toward her. Nicholas summons the ghosts of those whose body parts were used to create Adam.


The great house at Collinwood holds a new and dangerous secret. Only two people in the house know of the strange creature who has been given refuge in the long closed-off west wing. But another man is determined to find out where the creature is and to use him for his own evil purposes.

Carolyn is uncomfortable with Adam's affections. Carolyn tells Stokes that Adam tried to kill Harry. Professor Stokes tries to get Adam to focus on learning and not to become too fond of Carolyn. Professor Stokes questions Julia about Adam, but she is guarded with her answers. Nicholas summons the ghosts of the men whose bodies were used to create Adam, he finds that Adam is at Collinwood.

Memorable quotes[]

Professor Stokes: There are times when even a momentary loss of self-control could be dangerous.

Professor Stokes: A humorless man, Mr. Blair, is an incomplete man.

Professor Stokes: Adam, you must be careful not to...not to like her too much. Adam:  Why? Professor Stokes: Oh, dear me. If only I’d had the foresight to marry and raise a family, I’d be equipped to answer that most annoying of all children’s questions. Why indeed?

Nicholas: Nameless, miserable spirits lying in violated graves, hear me. Listen to my command. Come to me, and help me if I am to help you. Maimed and suffering spirits robbed after death in the name of false creation, I speak as your benefactor! And I command you...make your presence known to me!

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 545.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Humbert Allen Astredo flubs a line at the end of the teaser: "I wonder what you could told me...tell me about a man named Adam."
  • At the beginning of Act I, when Professor Stokes says "a humorless man," there is a squeaking noise off-stage.
  • When Professor Stokes and Adam discuss meeting other people, they step on each other's lines.
  • A boom mic shadow is seen as Stokes opens the drawing room doors after discussing Barnabas and Adam with Julia.
  • When Nicholas Blair leaves Collinwood after his talk with Stokes and Carolyn, as he walks out of the front doors, we see the raw wood backing of another set.

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