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Adam starts to fall in love with Carolyn.

Synopsis Edit

On this night at Collinwood, one woman has made a terrifying discovery. The witch who has vowed vengeance on Barnabas Collins now possesses some highly dangerous knowledge. In the Old House on the great estate, Barnabas Collins is about to discover he is in very grave danger.

Julia tells Barnabas that Cassandra has learned about Adam. They decide that they must find where he is hiding. Meanwhile, Adam grows lonely in the west wing, until Carolyn arrives. He quotes poetry to her, and she is amazed at how quickly he is learning. However she starts to feel uncomfortable when he speaks of love to her.

Harry Johnson finds Carolyn coming out of the West Wing, and she angrily tells him not to roam around upstairs. Barnabas accuses Carolyn of hiding Adam. She denies it, but Harry overhears. He goes to the West Wing, and Adam finds him outside the door.

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  • Adam: Carolyn hates Adam.
  • Carolyn: No, no, of course I don’t hate you, Adam. I’m your friend.

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Story Edit

  • The poem Adam reads to Carolyn is by Elizabeth Barrett Browning from Sonnets from the Portuguese. Although in the real world the poem is untitled, in this episode it is referred to as The Tears of Two, from its last line: "And sees within my eyes the tears of two".
  • TIMELINE: Day 221 begins, and will end in 543. 12am: Adam alone in his room. Only a few days ago Adam was able to "read only the simplest of sentences".

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