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Julia and Willie make plans to leave Collinsport after burying Barnabas.


A night of horror at Collinwood, for the dream curse has finally found the man it has marked for its own. And Barnabas Collins made battle with the evil which has pursued him so relentlessly, and Barnabas Collins lost. But he is not the only one, for another, brought to life by him, suffers as he has, dies as he died... a fact unknown to those who've just finished burying a man they both love.

Willie and Julia bury Barnabas with great sorrow. Willie says he now has nothing to look forward to; he makes plans to leave town. Julia not only agrees with him, but decides she'll leave, too. She offers him a job at Wyndcliffe, because it's what Barnabas would have wanted. Willie remembers to pack Barnabas’ clothes.

Willie visits Maggie, tells her he's leaving town. He also insinuates that Barnabas won't be back and breaks down crying. Maggie thinks he's done something awfully wrong; he tells her Barnabas died. She thinks Adam killed Barnabas; Willie tells her it was the dream.

After slapping her, Julia tells Cassandra she’s won. Stokes arrives, looking for Julia's help. Once Cassandra is gone, Stokes tells Julia that Adam is suffering from a strange attack. Julia realizes Adam’s attack occurred at the same time Barnabas’ did. Adam revives, but begins suffocating. Julia realizes she and Willie have buried Barnabas alive.

Memorable quotes[]

Julia: (about Barnabas) I'm past crying, Willie. Far past that. If I could imagine living without him I could cry, but I can't.

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Background information and notes[]



  • TIMELINE: Day 220 begins, and will end in 542. It's very late in the night, (i.e the early hours of Day 220). Julia and Willie plan to be gone before dawn. It will take Julia an hour to pack; It was around 11pm (yesterday) when Adam's attacks started.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • John Karlen fumbles a line, saying, "Hey, what are we gonna tell people — Roger, and everybody up at the Old House, at the, at the big house?”

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