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July 15, 1968


July 1, 1968


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Carolyn asks Professor Stokes to help Adam, unaware that Barnabas has died. Julia fails to use the stake to prevent Barnabas from rising as a vampire, so she enlists the help of Willie to secretly bury him.


A dreaded night on the great estate at Collinwood, a night which brought a curse to fruition, and the man against whom the curse was designed had a dream, and lived.

Carolyn goes to see Adam, who is experiencing neck pains where Barnabas was bitten. Carolyn has told Stokes about Adam's location; he's on the way. Julia finds Barnabas, who says, "Angélique has won, I'll be as before, you know what to do!" Willie frets about what will happen now, but vows to protect Barnabas. Adam still worries about Barnabas, and wants to go to him. Stokes comes in.

Willie cries when Barnabas dies. Willie and Julia discuss their options now; Julia is afraid, but thinks Barnabas' plan is the only way, Willie won’t even hear of it. Julia holds the stake and hammer at Barnabas' heart, but can’t bring herself to use them. Willie laments his releasing Barnabas (210).

Stokes tells Carolyn that Adam’s heart has stopped. She is beside herself; Stokes feels something more is going on than what’s happening in the root cellar. Julia and Willie mourn Barnabas, whom they've buried.

Carolyn can't leave Adam; she tells Stokes to go for the Police. Stokes expects a miracle, a phenomenon in which he did not previously believe. Willie wants to pray, and tells Julia to cry. She says she can’t imagine a life without Barnabas.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Willie: Aw, now we're gonna hear the dogs howling again!
  • Willie: Are you gonna do it, Julia? Are you gonna end it?

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  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 534.
  • Dark Shadows moves back to its original timeslot, 4:00pm Eastern/3:00pm Central. The long-running serial One Life to Live occupies the show's former time of 3:30pm Eastern/2:30pm Central.


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