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July 11, 1968


June 30, 1968


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Carolyn finds Adam and offers to help him.


The dawn of a new day will bring no comfort to one who lives in the great house at Collinwood. Victoria Winters has had a terrifying dream in which she witnessed the death of Barnabas Collins. And now she fears that if she sees Barnabas, and tells him the dream, she will be responsible for restoring a two-hundred year old curse. She does not know that during the night that has just passed a devious plan has been worked out, a plan that will soon bring her and Barnabas face to face.

Barnabas reads the forged letter from Cassandra. It claims Victoria will take her own life. Victoria suffers from the haunting sound of the dream. Barnabas arrives at Collinwood and learns Victoria never wrote the letter, despite that it was written in her handwriting. Barnabas concludes that it was Cassandra.

Julia Hoffman enters and separates Victoria and Barnabas. She learns of the letter.

Julia enters the drawing room to comfort Victoria's agony over the dream, and Carolyn enters after Victoria leaves. Carolyn has been visiting Joe in the hospital and discusses it with Julia. Carolyn cannot believe that Adam survived the jump from Widows' Hill, and wonders where he could be.

Carolyn finds Adam where he had kept her when she was kidnapped. She offers him help and he is aggressive about his fears of her bringing police. Carolyn claims he has changed. Adam begs her to stay.

She notes his improved speech and he demonstrates his 4-year-old vocabulary of objects around the room. He states that he was taught by Professor Stokes and admits once staying with him. He calls himself bad and claims Stokes is mad at him. She tells him that she will return with Stokes.

Julia visits Barnabas at the old house. He is stressed by Victoria's possible torment. He declares he will let her tell him the dream and admits conceding to Cassandra.

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  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 535.
  • There is a tape edit at start of episode as Barnabas finds the letter.


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