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Alexandra Moltke


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July 9, 1968


June 23, 1968


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Victoria has the dream in which Barnabas beckons her, she finds Barnabas lying on the floor bleeding at the neck.


On this seemingly peaceful night, an act of violence has taken place on the Collins estate; somwhere near the Old House a man has been struck down by a strange, inarticulate, and frightened creature, who for his own confused reasons has left the body for Barnabas Collins to find inside the house.

Just after Barnabas discovers Joe, Julia arrives on the scene. She asks if Barnabas had anything to do with his condition, and he tells her that they both have some responsibility. Julia finds that Joe is still alive, Barnabas and Willie take Joe to the Hospital. Victoria has the dream in which Barnabas beckons her, she finds Barnabas lying on the floor bleeding at the neck.

Memorable quotes[]

Barnabas: Through sight and sound and faceless terror; Through endless corridors by trial and error; Ahead a blazing light does burn; And one door leads to the point of return.
Barnabas: Willie, we'll deal with your mental aberrations later.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 527.
  • During Victoria's dream, there is 18 seconds of a still of the Old House (this is to allow Alexandra Moltke to move between sets). There is also a long time of Victoria in darkness.


  • Julia and Barnabas are unaware that they need to keep Adam alive for Barnabas' sake.
  • DREAM SEQUENCE: Victoria experiences the dream curse. She is the eleventh victim. She opens four doors revealing a skull, a guillotine, a skeleton bride, and a blazing light leading to a vision of Barnabas on the floor of the Old House bleeding at the neck. The beckoner is Barnabas.
  • TIMELINE: A "few minutes" have passed since the end of the previous episode. It's been "almost a week" since Adam disappeared after Sam's accident, (occurred in 515). It was earlier this evening when Sam told Victoria the dream. Victoria hasn't had much sleep the past few nights, (in 525, Nicholas used her to locate Cassandra, and in 528 she was awoken by Maggie who saw Angelique in their room).

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • As Victoria paces before sleeping/before Julia visits she is wearing her dress shoes with her nightgown.
  • During Victoria's dream, when Barnabas is lying in the ground dead, he can be seen to be still breathing.
  • Barnabas is wearing a different suit than he was wearing at the end of the previous episode.
  • During Victoria's dream, while Barnabas is repeatedly saying "the point of return," at one point he says "the re-point of return."

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