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July 5, 1968


June 26, 1968


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Joe is suspicious of Professor Stokes and believes he is hiding Adam.

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On this night, Victoria Winters has left Collinwood, for she fears she is in danger there. She sleeps in the Evans cottage, where she assumes she is safe, but she is not. For as she sleeps, a ghost has entered her life, the ghost of a woman bent on destruction.

Maggie enters Victoria's bedroom and screams. She tells Victoria that she saw a ghost, a woman with long blonde curls and a strange dress. Victoria recognizes the description as Angelique. Victoria realizes that Angelique is trying to make her have the dream. Victoria goes to Professor Stokes for advice. Joe is suspicious of Stokes and believes he is hiding Adam. Joe shows up at Stokes’ home with a gun and chases Adam.

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  • Since Victoria had just gotten out of the bed, it should have looked slept in, instead the bed was made and Victoria had to pull down to covers to get back in.
  • When Adam moves to the sofa, a boom mic appears above Professor Stokes. Another boom mic appears in the shot as Professor Stokes talks with Vicki.
  • Vicki accidentally calls Joe 'Jeff".

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