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July 4, 1968


June 25, 1968


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Victoria tells Jeff of her plans to leave Collinwood, but he thinks she is being irrational.

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A dream has horrified many who live at the great house at Collinwood, a dream which spreads from one person to another, a dream that carries a curse with it, and the final person who dreams it will find himself forever alone, returning to some former state. And this evening, one girl has been warned that to avoid the dream, she must leave Collinwood immediately.

Victoria goes to stay with Maggie Evans trying to avoid having the dream. Nicholas is getting weary of Cassandra's tactics. Angelique visits Victoria while she sleeps, trying to get her to have the dream. Maggie sees Angelique standing over Victoria as she sleeps and screams.

Memorable quotes Edit

Nicholas: My dear Cassandra, how commonplace you've become, like some suburban housewife with little human worries.
Nicholas:I am much too talented to spend my time drugging drinks.
Nicholas: If I were you Miss Winters, I'd take my vacations during the winters.

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  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 530.
  • Originally aired on American Independence Day of 1968.
  • Lara Parker's performance as Angelique is not listed in the closing credits even though she suddenly appears and has blond rather than brunette hair. However, it could be argued that as both characters are one and the same it is unnecessary to credit Parker for the real name and the pseudonym.

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