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July 2, 1968


June 14, 1968


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Nicholas brings Cassandra back to Collinwood, but warns her of the consequences of her failure.

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The great house at Collinwood is shrouded in darkness, but within the darkness the powers of evil exist. Not far from the house, in the forest that lies beyond it, there is one who is evoking the powers of evil to cause the return of a woman who could destroy one member of the Collins family.

Angelique reappears, and Nicholas wants to know how she got herself into this mess. He thinks that love is getting her in trouble, but Angélique vows she feels only hate for Barnabas. Jeff goes to see Victoria, aggravating Roger.

Nicholas and Cassandra work out a plan; Victoria is missing; as Clark and Roger look for her, Cassandra returns. She says she’s been in Philadelphia where she grew up.

Jeff wakes sleepwalker Victoria up; she has a button in her hand. Nicholas gives credence to Cassandra's explanations. Victoria says she’s afraid of Cassandra and Nicholas.

Jeff tells Victoria that he's Peter Bradford; his explanations, however, don’t stack up to Victoria's experiences. Now she thinks he's Jeff Clark, not Peter Bradford. Nicholas comes in to tell Victoria he’ll help her, and Jeff notices that the button she was holding came from his jacket.

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  • Cassandra claims that she and Nicholas grew up in Philadelphia.
  • Sometime after Cassandra and Nicholas talk in front of Collinwood, but before she actually enters the building, Cassandra managed to find time to change her clothes.
  • TIMELINE: 2am: Jeff arrives at Collinwood. Cassandra says she's been in Philadelphia for a few days as a cover story for her disappearance, (she disappeared in 519).

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