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Nicholas uses Victoria to lead him to the tree in the woods where Reverend Trask performed the exorcism on Cassandra; he then attempts to bring her back.

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Darkness has descended over Collinwood, and most of the residents of the great house are asleep. For them, sleep is peaceful. But elsewhere in the Evans cottage, there is one who sleeps but knows no peace, for he is having a terrifying nightmare, a nightmare which may end in a death.

Jeff dreams of the past, where he is Peter Bradford, confronting Nathan Forbes. When Joe awakens him, he attacks him, thinking he was Forbes. Joe is disturbed by the incident, but the dream convinces Jeff that he is Bradford.

Nicholas attempts to communicate with Angelique via the painting, and reveals that he must find her ashes if he is to restore her to life. Victoria discovers him with the painting and informs him that it belongs to her. She is disturbed by its faded appearance, and Nicholas offers to have it restored. Victoria refuses, claiming she likes it the way it is. He then asks to borrow it for the night, as it resembles his sister. She admits the resemblance is striking, but refuses to let him have it.

Nicholas' spell sends Victoria out into the woods to the tree Trask used for her exorcism, which is the same one Trask used for Cassandra's exorcism. He attempts to restore Cassandra's ashes to life.

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  • There is a tape edit during the scene with Nicholas and Victoria in the drawing room with Angelique's portrait. The video jumps a moment and Victoria is standing at the door waiting as though Nicholas had said something to her to make her turn around and then he says "No, never mind."

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