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June 28, 1968


June 18, 1968


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524 Gallery
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Jeff refuses to believe that he could be Peter Bradford.


Within the great house at Collinwood, two young people have witnessed the frightening apparition of a long-dead witch hunter, and this incident leads Victoria Winters to believe that Jeff Clark is really someone who lived and died during the eighteenth century.

Jeff refuses to believe that he could be Peter Bradford. Joe arrives to take Maggie back to the cottage. Jeff generously offers to leave, but Maggie tells him it can wait for the present. Jeff has a dream about attempting to kill Nathan Forbes in 1796, when he awakes he attacks Joe.

Memorable quotes[]

Maggie: I knew it wasn't going to be easy, coming back here.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • The teaser differs from the end of the previous episode. When Victoria tells Jeff that he must be Peter Bradford, they embraced, but in this episode, Jeff becomes upset.
  • When Joe comes into the foyer, a shadow moves at the upstairs entry door (possibly Kathryn Leigh Scott getting into position for her entrance).
  • When Vicki, Jeff, Joe, and Maggie are all standing in the foyer, the tape marks on the floor for blocking are visible.
  • When Maggie leaves Collinwood with Joe, she says "Good night" to Vicki, then mistakenly says "Good night" to Joe as they leave together.
  • The door to Jeff's bedroom at the Evans cottage previously led to Maggie's bedroom; however, the interior does not match that room when it was seen previously.
  • When Jeff is in bed, the cuffs of his dress shirt can be seen sticking out through his pajama shirt.

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