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June 20, 1968


June 12, 1968


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Adam visits Sam in the hospital.

Synopsis Edit

There is one woman who lives at Collinwood who will not sleep this night. Cassandra Collins will lie awake, thinking about the evil plans she has set in motion, thinking about the events that will soon take place in the hospital not far away. There, Victoria Winters has answered the summons of an old and dear friend, who believes he is dying.

Sam starts to tell Victoria the dream, however Professor Stokes interrupts him. Adam visits Sam in the hospital. Later Sam tries to tell Victoria the dream again, however he dies before he can finish. Stokes finds Adam and tries to befriend him.

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  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 512.

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • David Ford, while lying in the hospital bed after Maggie and Professor Stokes leave the room, motions to someone off stage, possibly to move aside so that he can see the teleprompter. This is unlikely as he didn't have any more lines in this scene, maybe it was so he could see his cue from off-stage.
  • Professor Stokes states that nine people have suffered the Dream Curse; the number is ten (though perhaps Stokes does not count himself, since he broke the rules and did not open the doors to see the horrors within.)
  • When Professor Stokes drops his stickpin in the Evans cottage, it lands face down. In the next close-up, it is face up.

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