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Joan Bennett


Gordon Russell


John Sedwick


June 14, 1968


May 27, 1968


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514 Gallery
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Joe gets upset with Maggie when he finds that she has gone to the Old House to see Willie.


The terror of this night cannot be seen. It is felt by the mistress of Collinwood, who will go without sleep as she thinks of nothing but death. In the Old House on the Collins estate, it will be felt by Barnabas Collins, sealed behind a brick wall and left to die, his terrible fate unknown to anyone else. And before this night is over, it will be felt by a young woman in Collinsport, as she will respond to the sounds of the long dead past.

Maggie goes to the Old House wearing Josette's emerald earrings, not quite sure why she came there, but Willie is delighted to see her. He reminds her that she agreed to go out with him sometime and she agrees. Aftter a phone call at Collinwood, Elizabeth goes to the Old House seeking Barnabas to tell him that Adam has been seen in Collinsport. Willie receives the message (since Barnabas appears to not be around), and Elizabeth suddenly becomes obsessed with death and leaves. Later Joe finds Willie outside Maggie's house and threatens him. When Willie refuses to leave, Joe hits him. Willie goes into the house saying Joe hit him, and suddenly Adam walks in and yells, "Willie bad!"

Memorable quotes[]

Maggie (to Joe): Now, how can I tell you something I don't know?

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 504.


  • TIMELINE: It was the "other day" when Sam befriended Adam (occurred in 508). Three days ago Adam was a total stranger to Sam.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Kathryn Leigh Scott fluffs her line, "We’ve got to be as patient as possible with Pop. He’s got a very difficult adjudge– adjustment to make, and it’s going to take time, that’s all.”
  • The end credits roll runs at a slight tilt.

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