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June 11, 1968


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Barnabas finds Reverend Trask in the basement of the Old House, he walls Barnabas up in the same way as was done to him.


In the great house of Collinwood there is a witch who thinks she is accepted as a wife, as a Collins, never knowing that at the Old House on the estate there are three people conducting a strange, hopeful seance. A seance designed to summon from the past a raging witch-hunter, buried alive behind a wall over two-hundred years ago.

Stokes, Julia, and Tony Peterson attempt to contact the ghost of Reverend Trask in the cellar of the Old House. To their amazement, a wall crumbles and reveals the skeleton of the long-dead witch-hunter. Julia and Stokes find David upstairs playing with Dr. Lang's tape recorder. Julia gives it to him to get him to leave. Julia, Stokes and Tony discover Trask's skeleton has disappeared. Barnabas returns to the Old House and finds Trask (or his ghost) in the basement. Trask renders Barnabas unconscious and imprisons him inside the wall in the same way Barnabas did to him.

Memorable quotes[]

Professor Stokes: When people lie to me I always feel it's because they don't trust me enough to tell me the truth.

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Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • In the previous episode, a long red candle was used in the seance, and in this episode, it is a short, blue candle.
  • The reflection of a light stand can be seen in the skull of Reverend Trask, which is caused by a piece of tape attached to the top and main part of the skull.
  • A whistle can be heard off-screen as Professor Stokes and Julia discover the skeleton's absence.
  • A camera can be seen on the left of the screen as Professor Stokes asks Reverend Trask for a sign.

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