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June 7, 1968


June 5, 1968


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Sam tries to help Adam, but he runs off when Professor Stokes arrives to warn Sam about the dream.


The great house of Collinwood is peaceful tonight. Sleep will come easily because the monster who so recently threatened two women of the house is thought dead, for it is agreed that no one, no matter what his strength, could survive a leap from Widows' Hill, and even the police think the body has washed out to sea. But in the village of Collinsport, a blind man who thinks himself alone in his house finds that he is not.

Sam finds Adam in his house. Adam is seriously injured and clutching a knife; however, when he senses that Sam is blind he drops the knife on the floor and lets Sam tend to him. They are interrupted by Timothy Stokes, and Adam runs away in fear. Stokes tells Sam that he may have a dream with Barnabas Collins knocking at his door and if he does so to call him.

Timothy Stokes receives a visit from Victoria. Stokes questions her about Angelique and asks her to report back to him on Cassandra's activities.

Cassandra sends Tony to Professor Stokes's home under an alias and with the pretense of asking the professor about a Coptic cross he found under the floorboards of an old house he is allegedly renovating. Cassandra gives Tony poison to kill Stokes. Tony puts the poison in Stokes's sherry, but Stokes ends up switching glasses, and Tony is the one who drinks the poison and collapses.

Memorable quotes[]

Sam: Germs — I’ve never been a big believer in them, but they do exist.”

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • First episode directed by John Weaver.
  • This episode was pre-empted for the news of the Robert Kennedy assassination. Originally scheduled for June 6, it was shifted forward a day to June 7. This pushed a large quantity of episode numbers out of sync, i.e Friday episodes ending in a 5 or 0, until 532/533 was double numbered.
  • The original color master tape of this episode is lost; however, a fair-quality black-and-white kinescope copy still exists. There are several video and audio deficiencies.
  • Although he appeared in several scenes, Thayer David is accidentally uncredited.
  • The copyright date for this 1968 episode is given as 1967.


  • Tony uses the alias of 'Arthur Hailey'.
  • The key Cassandra gives to Tony is an antique, gold Coptic cross. [Actually it's an Egyptian ankh symbol.]
  • Cassandra's statement to Tony Peterson that "You are quite the puritan, you know," seems to be an in-joke in reference to Jerry Lacy playing Reverend Trask.
  • When Professor Stokes shows Victoria a silhouette that resembles Reverend Trask, she turns away and responds, "I'm sorry. I . . . I hoped I'd never have to see that face again."
  • Professor Stokes believes cheese helps him sleep.
  • There's a different painting on Sam's easel from the last time it was shown.
  • TIMELINE: Victoria says it was last week when the portrait of Angelique disappeared (occurred in 498).
  • Adam's time with Sam possibly alludes to Frankenstein's monster meeting the blind man, De Lacey.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • David Ford messes up his lines when Sam is talking to Adam. He says: "You know, it's kind of nice being taken care of for a change. A man can get fed up mighty quick with being taken care of." He should have said something like "It's kind of nice taking care of someone else for a change."
  • It's odd that Sam goes into Maggie's bedroom to get a pan of water to clean up Adam's hurt arm.
  • At the beginning of Act II, David Ford seems to have trouble with his line. After Sam says to Professor Stokes, regarding Adam, "He's in trouble," there is a very long pause as Ford looks around, seemingly for the teleprompter, and Sam then says, "Serious trouble."
  • It seems strange that, knowing full well who Adam was and that he had kidnapped Carolyn, Professor Stokes did not insist on calling the sheriff's office after he saw him in Sam's house.
  • A cough from offstage can be heard as Cassandra is handing the key to Tony.
  • At the end of Act III, as Tony is ringing the buzzer to Professor Stokes's door, he is seen wearing a trench coat. However, at the beginning of the next act, when Stokes answers the door, Tony comes into the living room with no trench coat on, and the quick dialogue heard between the two greeting each other off-screen beforehand would not have allowed for enough time to take the coat off.

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