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Barnabas doubts that Adam died when he fell from Widows' Hill; and Willie breaks into Carolyn's room to tell her the dream.

Synopsis Edit

It has been a long, terrifying night at Collinwood, marked by the survival of a young woman and what appeared to be the self-destruction of a bizzare and strangely silent man named Adam. Almost all who witnessed his frightening jump from Widows' Hill to the rocky shore below, are convinced that he is dead and gone, carried off by the sea.

Barnabas and Willie search the shoreline for Adam, bickering about whether he survived the jump.

Elizabeth is very relieved to have Carolyn back, and tries to comfort her daughter by telling her that the mysterious man is most likely dead and washed out to sea. Carolyn is not comforted by this, and tells her mother that despite appearances, she was not afraid of her captor. She rather felt sorry for him, as he could barely speak and tried very hard to be gentle with her. Elizabeth is worried by Carolyn's attitude, but decides she just needs rest.

While Carolyn sleeps, Willie climbs up to her window and sneaks into her bedroom. Carolyn is frightened to find him there, and although he swears he won't hurt her, she orders him to leave before she starts screaming. Nearly mad with his desire to tell the dream, Willie grabs Carolyn and holds her still as he tells her the beginning. Carolyn bites his hand and struggles free. As she screams Willie runs away in fear.

Memorable quotes Edit

Carolyn: You broke in my room to tell me about a dream?
Willie: Just keep quiet so I can tell you the dream and then I'm going to go, okay? Alright, don't be quiet, but I'm gonna tell you the dream anyway!

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Elizabeth says Adam held Carolyn prisoner for two days. However, the on-screen passage of time indicates that it was for one day, for the most of this one.
  • As the scene in Carolyn's bedroom opens, she is holding a fork - yet the only food on the tray consists of a cup of tea and a sandwich. (Perhaps Mrs. Johnson toasts the bread too much.)

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