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April 17, 1968


April 11, 1968


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473 Gallery
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Roger mysteriously returns to Collinwood and is now married to a woman named Cassandra.



At the great house of Collinwood, Victoria Winters has returned from her strange and haunting adventures in the past, but the terrible events she lived through in 1795 are beginning to change not only her life, but the lives of those around her, and the changes are like a devil's game: one man escapes an ancient curse, another disappears and a painting he took with him is mysteriously returned, though he has not.

All of Roger's luggage is sitting in the foyer. Elizabeth assumes that means Roger is back, but Vicki says Roger is not in the house, but the painting is back on its easel. Something has happened, Vicki says, something that has no explanation.

Act I

Barnabas tells Vicki she must dispose of the painting. He is convinced it has something to do with Roger's strange behavior. Vicki agrees to call Prof. Stokes and offer to sell him the painting. Unexpectedly, Roger comes in through the front door and tells Vicki to get some champagne; they all have something to celebrate. He then tells them to meet his wife.

Act II

Roger introduces his new bride, Cassandra Collins. Elizabeth, Barnabas, and Victoria are all startled at the news. They say they were married at the Rockport city hall. The newlyweds inform the family that they plan to honeymoon in the West Indies, perhaps Martinique. Barnabas asks Cassandra if she has ever been there, and she says she has not. Elizabeth tells Roger they have some business to discuss in the study, and they go off while Vicki gets the champagne, leaving Barnabas alone with Cassandra.


Elizabeth expresses her disapproval of the marriage. Roger admits that he has just met her, in Rockport. Elizabeth does not understand how he can marry someone he had just met. Roger can't even tell her much about her. Elizabeth threatens to tell Cassandra that Roger has not been well. But Roger says if she does, he will leave the house with Cassandra and never return.

Act IV

Barnabas excuses himself to Cassandra, and leaves. Vicki returns with the champagne. Cassandra mentions she is a transfer student at the college and Prof. Stokes is her faculty advisor. She met Roger at Stokes' home. Vicki goes to get some photos of David to show her, and a picture of Daniel Collins as well, to show her the resemblance. Left alone in the drawing room, Cassandra goes to the painting, and laughs.

Memorable quotes[]

Barnabas: (to Elizabeth) Let Vicki and me do the worrying for you.

Victoria: Barnabas, why do these things keep happening?

Barnabas: Do witches ever die?

Cassandra: It wasn't at all the marriage I always dreamed I would have.

Roger: An evening with Barnabas is like an evening with a history book.
Barnabas: More fascinating than that, I hope.

Barnabas: We'll see each other again soon.
Cassandra: Inevitably.

Elizabeth: (to Roger) Sometimes you behave younger than Carolyn.

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  • Lara Parker returns to the cast after an absence of 37 episodes.


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