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Victoria goes to the Collins mausoleum to find the secret room, proving that she really did visit the past.



At the great house of Collinwood, Victoria Winters has returned from a strange and haunting adventure in the past. The terrible events she lived through are beginning to change not only her life but the fates of those around her, for there is a man who is afraid of what she discovered about him in 1795, but his plan to control what she knows has ended in failure. And now Victoria Winters finds herself almost unable to distinguish between what happened in the past and what is happening now.

Eric Lang examines Victoria in preparation for releasing her and notices the puncture marks on her neck are gone because the cause of the marks has been eliminated.

Act I

As Vicki is packing to leave, Jeff Clark shows up and offers to drive her home. Vicki asks him where he is staying, and he says at the inn. Dr. Lang enters and Vicki introduces Jeff to him, then she goes to see Barnabas before leaving. Alone with Jeff, Lang expresses his disapproval of Jeff taking Victoria home. He asks Jeff where he would be and what he would be doing if he wasn't working for him. Jeff storms out.

Act II

When Victoria returns to the room, Lang tells her Jeff suddenly remembered an urgent appointment and left so he offers to drive her home. They chat while Lang finishes his paperwork, and asks Vicki about her family. When Vicki mentions she has no family, Lang seems very interested. Lang says he has a feeling that she is destined for a very unusual, very significant life. At Collinwood, Julia and Carolyn discuss the change they see in Barnabas. Julia also comments that Carolyn has changed back to her old self. Carolyn removes the scarf from her neck and Julia notices that the bite marks have vanished.


When Vicki tells Carolyn about Jeff Clark, Carolyn suggests she call him. He may really be Peter Bradford and not know it. When Vicki calls the Collinsport Inn and asks for him, she is told Jeff is not registered there. Vicki feels certain more than ever that she must find the secret mausoleum room to prove to herself that her trip to the past was real. Julia offers to go with her.

Act IV

Vicki and Julia arrive at the cemetery, but when they enter the mausoleum, they are shocked to find Jeff there. He can't explain why he is there, only that he was out for a walk. Vicki remembers that the secret room was behind the back wall, but doesn't remember how to get in. Jeff goes to the wall ornament over Naomi Collins' sarcophagus and pulls the ring. The door opens, everyone looks inside and sees a coffin.

Memorable quotes[]

Carolyn: I got much too involved in Barnabas's problems. I had almost no life of my own.

Carolyn: Jeff's a ghost. And don't tell me that there's no such thing as ghosts. I've seen little Sarah.

Julia: But it... it's storming.
Victoria: I've been out in storms before.

Dr. Lang (to Jeff): Well, don't suddenly develop a conscience.

Dr. Lang (to Victoria): I have a feeling about you're destined for a very unusual...very significant life.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • The last time Barnabas' coffin was seen in the present day, it was in 350, when it was still in the basement of the Old House. It is now back in the secret room of the Collins mausoleum. When was it moved, why was it moved, and who could have possibly moved it? (Barnabas. He's had plenty of time to do so since Victoria returned to the present day and before the car crash. He was close to being revealed as a vampire shortly before Victoria traveled to the past, so he probably moved it as a precaution, feeling the mausoleum is a safer place.)
  • It is unclear how much Carolyn remembers about Barnabas being a vampire. Following Barnabas' 'cure', she no longer has bite marks on her neck, and her personality has changed back to normal. There is never any indication after this episode that she knows Barnabas is/was a vampire. (Exactly right. This has been something of a plot hole left unresolved as it didn't pertain to the new direction the show was taking with a more human Barnabas who has noticeably grown kinder and more empathetic to others since his change. As a point of reference, Victoria also loses her bite marks, and we're never sure if she remembers anything other than having these marks. It is never addressed again.)
  • It is somewhat illogical that the bite marks on Carolyn disappeared when Barnabas was cured. Indeed, it has been established in earlier episodes that after being bitten, the blood structure changes, suggesting that vampirism is more a physical disease than a curse.
  • Toward the end of Dr. Lang's remarks about Victoria's bite marks disappearing at the end of the teaser, there is loud off-stage noise.
  • In Act I, Jeff says, "When I left here the other day, and started to... where I stay." Apparently, Roger Davis forgot his line and in the middle of his sentence realized he had to give an opening for Victoria to ask him where he is staying. [Addendum: It's not clear that this is a blooper and that Roger Davis forgot his line. He is clearly hiding the fact that he works/lives at Dr. Lang's, and it makes perfect sense that he would be catching himself about to where he was staying, hesitating, and then saying vaguely "where I stay."]
  • In Act I, Dr. Lang tells Victoria that she can see Barnabas "before he leaves," but he should have said "before you leave."
  • Julia mentions the mausoleum even though Victoria hadn’t yet mentioned where she wanted to go.

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