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March 27, 1968


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As Victoria remembers things from her experience in the past, Barnabas becomes more concerned that she will expose him, and therefore he bites her.



The séance which kept Collinwood frozen in time is over, but the effects are not and will perhaps never be...for one has returned from the shadows of another century with dim, haunting memories which terrify one man who lived then as well as now.

Julia Hoffman hypnotizes Victoria to try to take her back in time. Vicki remembers certain things and calls Julia "Countess". Vicki struggles against her memories.

Act I

Julia tells Vicki that what happened to her was not a dream. She gives her a sedative and warns her against talking to Barnabas or Carolyn. Vicki falls asleep and dreams of Jeremiah Collins coming up out of his grave. Jeremiah promises to protect her and warns her to beware of Barnabas because he will kill her.

Act II

Barnabas sees Julia in the garden outside Collinwood and mentions how she seems to be changing her image completely (Julia had gotten her hair cut on an impulse). He asks her what Vicki has told her, but Julia won't say. He tells Julia if she helps him, he will leave Vicki alone. Barnabas says that he knew Phyllis Wick in the past and that she was Sarah's governess who was hanged as a witch on the very day he was chained up in his coffin. Somehow, Victoria took her place and Barnabas worries that she may know his secret. Alone, Barnabas decides he must take matters into his own hands.


Vicki tells Julia that she dreamed about Jeremiah's ghost. When Julia was in town earlier that day she checked court records and discovered that there was a Peter Bradford in the past. He was a jailer who was tried and hanged for the murder of Noah Gifford. Vicki declares her love for Peter to Julia.

Act IV

Julia tells Barnabas that she will handle Vicki just as she handled Maggie and urges him to remember his promise not to do anything. Barnabas, however, goes to see Vicki in her bedroom.  She tells Barnabas that he is her only link to what happened to her. She reminds him that he did not tell the history the way it happened. Josette did not come to Collinwood to marry Jeremiah; she came to marry him. She corrects herself to say Josette came to marry his ancestor. She also mentions the dream and how Jeremiah warned her about him. But Vicki doesn't believe the warning because Barnabas has always been good to her. Barnabas tells her to get out of bed and come to him. He offers her peace and a chance to forget. Vicki clings to Barnabas as he prepares to bite her.

Memorable quotes[]

Julia: Go back, back in time, Vicki. Back. Run through the days, the months, the years... remember where you were.
Victoria: I don't want to go back.

Barnabas: I can give you peace. Would you like that?
Victoria: Yes.
Barnabas: I can make you forget. Do you want to forget?
Victoria: Yes!
Barnabas: I can make everything seem so far away...
Victoria: Please... please...
(She leans on Barnabas's shoulder; he bares his fangs to bite her.)

Julia: You're complimenting me, Barnabas. You must want something.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Beginning in this episode and continuing more dramatically in the following episodes, the score to the show has been drastically changed. The score had not changed nearly at all since the show's inception, but new, more powerful music has been written (usually to accompany the more perilous moments in the show).
  • Grayson Hall has a new hairstyle/makeover. Her character also finally has something new to wear beside the same four outfits she's worn for the past ~100 episodes.


  • It is briefly explained how Victoria could have traveled back in time without Barnabas having a memory of her presence towards the end of his natural life. Barnabas states that Phyllis Wick was Sarah's governess in 1795 and that she was tried for witchcraft. Julia then postulates that Victoria took her place there instead. If this is true, it would seem that Victoria traveled in a similar way as to how Barnabas would travel back in time using the I-Ching to substitute his present consciousness in his former body, except in this case, Victoria substituted an entire life. However, it should be noted that even if the original time stream included Phyllis Wick being tried for witchcraft, Victoria's substitution negates that so that Barnabas should remember her and everything that happened to her in 1795 and not remember anything about Phyllis. [Because the séance members (besides Victoria) remain in suspended animation, essentially outside of time while Miss Winters is in 1795, the idea of temporal mechanics often used in science fiction may come into play here. Since they were no longer involved in the movement of time, they essentially were in a bubble, protecting them from any changes or any knowledge of the changes that happened while the governess was interacting with the Collins family of the past. For that reason, Barnabas would not remember Vicki and would still be aware of Phyllis Wick.] [Another possibility is that if time continuously replays itself, as even Victoria suggests, our Barnabas of 1968 would still remember his own iteration of 1795 and not another one in which Victoria is switched for Phyllis Wick.]
  • Julia debuts a new, shorter haircut.
  • After several close calls, Barnabas finally bites Victoria.
  • DREAM SEQUENCE: Victoria dreams of Jeremiah Collins rising from his grave, who tells her to beware of Barnabas.
  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Barnabas: recalling his conversation with Julia.
  • SEDATIVE: Julia realizes she should have given Victoria a stronger sedative. She offers Victoria a pill to calm her, but she refuses.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • While Jeremiah is rising from the grave, Alexandra Moltke's shadow can be seen passing by to the left as she moves into place on the set.
  • In Act I, while Victoria is talking to the voice of the ghost of Jeremiah, at the left of the screen you can see movement that is Timothy Gordon moving into place.
  • At the start of Act III, as Victoria sits at her window, Grayson Hall looks past her to the teleprompter for her lines. [Addendum: It's not clear when exactly this happens.]
  • At the start of Act III, Grayson Hall flubs a line and quickly corrects herself : "Dreams come for your s...from your subconscious."
  • Grayson Hall flubs a line and quickly corrects herself: "It all happened over...almost two hundred years ago."
  • At the very beginning of Act IV, before Barnabas and Julia enter the shot, there is a soft noise that sounds like someone off-stage saying something.
  • As Barnabas stands over Vicki sleeping and then reaches his hand to her, there is a lot of off-stage shuffling noise.
  • Although not a blooper or error, when Barnabas says to Vicki, "Come to me," in Act IV, Alexandra Moltke takes her time getting out of bed, presumably to allow Jonathan Frid time to slip in his fangs.

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