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A seance has been held in the great house of Collinwood, a seance which has suspended time and space, and sent one woman on an uncertain and frightening journey into the past, back to the year 1795. There in the village of Collinsport, Victoria Winters has been unjustly condemned as a witch. The man responsible for condemning her now lives for the time she will hang. He is unaware that the time will never come, for he will soon become the victim of a fate worse than death.

Nathan wants Trask to deliver a letter to Millicent and as Nathan is not welcome at Collinwood, he needs Trask to bring it. Trask, at first, refuses but Nathan sees the arm of Maude from under the blanket that Trask stupidly threw over her body..she’s on his bed and was found that way. Nathan, at first, believes Trask just had a girl over and that she’s asleep. He says things like, “You’re a man after my own heart” and “I never find them waiting for me when I come home.” Trask tells him she’s dead and he finds out it is Maude by looking at her. Trask and he figure if the town never finds out about this, his name will not be tarnished or gossiped about. Nathan tells him he will help him if the price is right. Trask will deliver his letter. He will do it tomorrow morning but Nathan will help him after he delivers the letter. “I don’t trust anyone.” Trask talks him into it anyway. Nathan will get rid of Maude’s body tonight.

Millicent uses the tarot cards to plot a disaster on Nathan involving the tower of destruction, the star, the death of feeling (her love), the moon, the chariot, and news that’s hidden for a long time, the lover, etc. With her at the top of the card pyramid as the high priestess. She talks to herself and says that the death of her feeling of love has been replaced by hatred. Naomi asks whom she is talking to—and Millicent says to Nathan. Millicent explains the cards to her. Naomi thinks she needs to stop talking this way and act this way and get over it. The lover is dead, Millicent says.

Trask comes to deliver the letter. Naomi is there and denies him the chance to get to her but Millicent tells her to let him in. She also states that Naomi may stay (“I keep no secrets from cousin Naomi”) and she abides by and approves Naomi’s decision to tear the letter up…in word only. After Trask leaves and Naomi goes into another room, Millicent tries to piece the letter back together.

Trask has a dream and thinks he hears Abigail’s voice in it. He sees a door and tinsel streamers on it. In his dream, he hears the voice of a female tell him to find out the secret and that she knows the secret. It sounds like Abigail. In the door is Maude’s wet body, a ghost possibly, that tells him they threw her body into the water. Trask calls for Abigail who shows up and tells him to go to the Old House to find out the secret of the witch. She shows him a visual of the Old House but the hand is there beckoning him to go there, also. When he wakes up, he decides he must go to the old house.

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