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February 6, 1968


January 31, 1968


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Joshua finds Barnabas's coffin empty.



A séance has been held in the great house at Collinwood, a séance which has suspended time and space, and sent one girl on an uncertain and frightening journey into the past, back to the year 1795. There, each of the Collins ancestors resembles a present-day member of the family, but the names and the relationships have changed, and Victoria Winters finds herself a stranger in a sea of familiar faces...faces now hostile and suspicious because of her special knowledge of what is destined to happen...the death, for instance, of a young woman whose doom will be preceded by the loss of a certain ring.

It is evening, and Natalie du Prés notices that Josette du Prés Collins is still acting strangely. She notices the ring Josette is wearing and asks where she got it. After Josette avoids answering the question, Natalie tells her that she will lose the ring, and after that she will die.

Act I

Natalie tells Josette that she went to see Victoria Winters and that Victoria predicted Josette's death. Josette laughs in disbelief of witches. She refuses to tell Natalie from where the ring came. Natalie pleads for Josette to leave Collinsport. Now that she has seen the ring, she believes that Victoria's predictions will come true. Nothing she can say will convince Josette to leave. She is happier than she has been in a long time. Natalie leaves Josette alone in her room and goes downstairs and closely observes the portrait of Barnabas Collins in the grand hall and notices that the figure in the portrait is wearing a ring identical to the one now on Josette's finger.

Act II

Joshua Collins enters the hall and Natalie asks if the ring in the portrait is one of a kind; Joshua confirms that it is. They are interrupted as Josette descends the staircase claiming that she needs some night air. She then faints, and Joshua notices that Josette is wearing Barnabas' ring. He and Natalie are astonished to see Josette wearing the ring because Barnabas was wearing that ring when he was buried.


Josette is taken to her room, and Riggs is posted at her door. Josette awakens to find the door to her room locked. She calls out, and Riggs tells her that he has been given orders that no one is to leave the room nor is anyone to enter except for immediate family. Natalie and Joshua discuss how Barnabas' ring came to be on Josette's finger. Natalie speculates that it must have been a different ring, and Joshua agrees. He then leaves on an important matter. Josette cries out for someone to let her out of her room, but Riggs has his orders and will not let her out. Barnabas appears in her room through a secret panel. She is pleased that he has returned, and declares that nothing can ever keep them apart again.

Act IV

Josette asks to go with Barnabas, and he reminds her that it is a road with no return, a world of darkness lit only by their love. They talk of sharing eternity together. They leave through the secret panel. Meanwhile, Joshua makes his way to the secret room in the Collins Family mausoleum to look inside Barnabas' coffin and verify that he is indeed wearing the ring. Although he never gave Barnabas love, he wanted to give him peace; he vows revenge if someone has disturbed his rest. He opens the coffin and gasps as he finds it empty.

Memorable quotes[]

Joshua: (over Barnabas's coffin): I never gave you love, but I wanted at least to give you peace. If someone has disturbed your rest, I vow revenge. If some cowardly thief, no matter who it be, has broken your slumbers, I promise swift destruction.

Josette: What life I have is my own, and I'm going to live it here at Collinwood. And if there are forces preparing a special destiny for me, they will find me here.

Natalie: Was the ring unique?...I mean was there only one, or was it part of a set?
Joshua: In the Collins family, our jewelry, like our pride and our ambition, is without equal.

Dramatis personae[]

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Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Josette has been locked in her room by Natalie, and Riggs has been ordered to stand guard and not let anyone in or out except family. However, as Josette tries to open the door, it does in fact open, and Kathryn Leigh Scott closes it right away and continues pleading for the door to be opened.
  • When Josette is begging Riggs to open her bedroom door, a boom mic shadow is moving on the wall.
  • When Joshua enters the secret room, the door automatically shuts behind him. In previous episodes, however, it had to be closed manually.
  • Although Barnabas has been entombed in the coffin in the Collins mausoleum for quite some time, Joshua apparently fails to notice that the candles are lit when he enters the chamber to check on Barnabas' onyx ring.

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