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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Francis Swann


John Sedwick


August 22, 1966


August 8, 1966


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Maggie is unable to learn what is troubling Sam; torn by his conscience, Sam comes to Collinwood.


My name is Victoria Winters. This great house called Collinwood is the only home I've ever known, and yet I've known it such a short time, a short time that terror has made ageless. And friend has turned against friend.

Roger Collins calls Sam Evans, who admits he can't remember what he told Bill Malloy. After he hangs up, he destroys his sketch of Burke Devlin. Roger is needled by a third person about his not being at the office. Roger tells Elizabeth of his triumph preventing Burke and Carolyn's meeting. Elizabeth is curious. Elizabeth and Roger discuss their inheritances, including stock options in the family company which Roger offered for sale on the public market. Apparently he had a controlling share which Elizabeth bought. They needle each other about stuff, including Paul's being "departed."

Maggie comes home to check on Sam and remarks that Burke is different. Maggie asks about the accident and assumes it must involve Roger Collins. Maggie calls Collinwood and asks for Roger; he takes the phone from Victoria and hangs it up. Maggie tells Sam that she called Roger but no one answered. Sam scolds her, saying that was none of her business to get involved with his problems.

Elizabeth worries about Carolyn and Victoria tells her she had phoned (40) to say she wouldn't be home soon. Joe Haskell receives a call from Elizabeth, to whom he apologizes. Elizabeth is shocked that they don't have dinner plans and that Bill Malloy has not been at the office all day. Sam wonders why Bill is pumping him for information. Elizabeth is still attempting to reach Ned Calder when Sam shows up at Collinwood.

Memorable quotes[]

Roger: Are you alone?
Sam: I'm alone, except for the devils in my brain.
Roger: What kind of an answer is that?

Roger: Did it ever occur to you that you could've left this mausoleum, my dear sister, and gone out into the outside world?
Elizabeth: My place is here.
Roger: I know, I know. Eighteen years of self-imposed imprisonment. And for what? Surely a departed husband isn't worth waiting for.
Elizabeth: Why do you say "departed?"
Roger: Well, he departed from this lovely house on Widows' Hill, didn't he?
Elizabeth: I have no intention of discussing Paul with you.

Maggie: Well, how about if I make you a hot cup of coffee?
Sam: No. Why is it that all women think that a cup of coffee is a cure-all?
Maggie: Oh, Pop, you'd be surprised how many of the solid, upright citizens of Collinsport come into my restaurant in need of a hot cup of black coffee.

(Maggie telephones Collinwood, and Victoria answers)
Maggie: Listen, Vicki, is Roger Collins there?
Victoria: Have you tried his office? He's usually there this time of day.
Maggie: He isn't there. Have you any idea where he is, Vicki? It's important.
Victoria: I'm afraid Mr. Collins doesn't confide in me.
Roger: Miss Winters.
(Roger is seen at the drawing room door.)
Victoria: I'm sorry. It...
Roger: Is there any reason why I should confide in you?

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • This is writer Francis Swann's first episode. This is also the first episode to be written by someone other than Art Wallace.
  • The end credits music includes a version of the theme song with a deeper organ bass sound.
  • Despite that Sam has torn his charcoal sketch of Burke into pieces, it will reemerge intact as part of his studio art collection in a later episode (193).


  • Paul Stoddard, Elizabeth's husband, is referred to by name for the first time in this episode.
  • Roger and Elizabeth discuss how Roger spent all his inheritance (he says he had fun) and how Elizabeth bought up all the shares of the Collins enterprises that Roger had put on the market. Elizabeth says the Collins family would have lost control of the enterprises if an outside entity had bought up Rogers' shares.
  • Joe Haskell works in an office, not on the ships as mentioned in earlier episodes. He received a promotion early on (8), which took him off the boats and placed him in the fleet office as a checker.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • When Maggie calls Collinwood to speak to Roger and talks to Vicki, Vicki says Roger should be at his office. Maggie says he isn't there, but she would really have no way of knowing--she did not call Roger's office.
  • Actress Joan Bennett stutters in this episode, "Buy... buy...," and flubs over the "clever boy...clever man" line.
  • During the scene with Victoria and Elizabeth in the drawing room, clicks, noises, and a loud humming sound can be heard.
  • When Elizabeth first starts speaking to Joe, we can hear Joe rustling papers loudly before the camera switches to his office.
  • The clock in Joe's office reads 11:30; either it is wrong or it has stopped, as it conflicts with the previous episode.
  • It seems a little strange that in Joe's office at a fishing company on the Gulf of Maine there is a large map of the Great Lakes.
  • Roger says "last night" when referring to Bill and Sam's meeting. However, it was that same morning when Bill visited.
  • When Elizabeth puts in a call to Ned Calder in Portland, she gives the operator an impossible 9-digit phone number.
  • Most everyone in this episode (and previous episodes as well) simply dial a 4-digit number when calling locally, indicating that Collinsport does not yet require the dialing of the 3-digit exchange. However, Maggie, when calling Collinwood does include the exchange and dials a 7-digit number.
  • In the final scene, as Elizabeth begins crossing the foyer to answer the knock at the door, the camera angle from the drawing room picks up the undressed part of the foyer set along with a studio light at upper right of screen.

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