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November 29, 1967


November 22, 1967


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Angelique casts a spell on Josette to make her fall in love with Jeremiah.



Time has been suspended at Collinwood while one woman makes an uncertain, frightening journey to the past, back to the year 1795, back to the secrets which have brought so much horror and grief to the great house and those who inhabit it.

Ben Stokes drinks the drink Angelique Bouchard has made for him, and she tells him she will now protect him, but that he is her slave. He doesn't understand what she means, but knows he must do what she tells him. Her first order is to bring her a spider's web from an oak tree without breaking any strands of the web. He protests that Joshua Collins has work for him, but she tells him Joshua is not his master, she is. She sends him on his way.

Act I

Ben returns with a tree branch that has a spider web on it. Angelique is pleased with the web and tells Ben that it will be a dress. Ben does not understand. Angelique tries to explain the magic she is about to perform, but his questions finally get on her nerves when she tells him that Josette du Prés will soon love Jeremiah Collins instead of Barnabas Collins. She tells him that Barnabas will not want to marry Josette because she will be unfaithful to him. Ben tells Angelique that he will stop her if she tries to make Barnabas unhappy. Angelique stops him in mid-threat by striking him mute and tells him if he tries to say one word against her he will never speak again. Ben accuses her of being a witch; Angelique confirms this, telling Ben that he is her helper.

Act II

Ben carries a bunch of luggage into Collinwood and tells Jeremiah that he does not know to whom it belongs. Joshua berates Ben for dropping a piece on the stairs. Joshua tells Jeremiah the luggage is that of cousin Millicent Collins and her brother Daniel, arriving from New York for a visit before the wedding. Joshua tells his brother that Millicent has all the qualities a woman in the family should have and Jeremiah realizes Joshua is matchmaking. Joshua tells Jeremiah it is about time he marries, and forces the issue on him. Millicent's parents died in an accident five years ago and her wealth, based largely on real estate in New York City, has grown and continues to grow. As Jeremiah is protesting, Millicent comes down the stairs. Millicent giggles at Joshua's words, which he finds flattering, but Jeremiah finds flighty. She obviously remembers Jeremiah fondly and says that the quiet of the countryside has already done her nerves much good. She finds that noise affects her nerves and says New York is a very noisy city. Joshua recommends she move away and come live at Collinwood. Jeremiah comments that Joshua would like to see all the Collins Family under one roof, but that it will never happen. Joshua asks Jeremiah to take Millicent to Barnabas, who hasn't been feeling well. Millicent explains that she hopes Barnabas is not contagious as she is "delicate", a hypochondriac, and worries what Daniel, being only 10 years old, would do if something happened to her. Jeremiah explains he has a cold coming on, and Millicent takes two steps backwards. Just then, Victoria Winters comes down the stairs and when introduced gasps the name "Carolyn", then says that Millicent looks like someone she knew a long time ago. Millicent giggles like a schoolgirl.


Jeremiah and Victoria talk in the main room. Victoria tells him Carolyn was her "very best friend" and that while she still only has flashes of memory, she feels that she is there for a purpose, and it is not to educate Sarah Collins, but to "change things". Jeremiah is surprised at how freely he speaks about his feelings with Victoria and says he feels they have known each other some other time, some other place. He tells Victoria that Joshua's latest scheme is for him to marry Millicent, which he finds ludicrous. Victoria tells him that Millicent will never marry, and when he asks her about this she says it is just a feeling she has. Joshua bursts into the room, noting it is past Sarah's bedtime. He also states that since Daniel is now here she will be in charge of him also, which will give her very little free time. She leaves, then Joshua tells Jeremiah that he should not allow Millicent's fortune to evade their family. Jeremiah tells him he will not do anything he feels forced to do.

Act IV

Meanwhile, in the servant's quarters, Ben brings Angelique Jeremiah's toddy, to which Angelique adds an elixir that she says will only make him sleep. She has a task for Ben to do once Jeremiah falls asleep. She tells Ben she may not be a lady yet, but that she will be one day, and one that will never embarrass Barnabas. Ben takes the toddy to Jeremiah and stays while he drinks it. Angelique dresses the doll she is making of Josette while Ben steals Jeremiah's ring and a lock of Jeremiah's hair. Later Angelique casts her spell to make Josette fall in love with Jeremiah.

Memorable quotes[]

Angelique: (to Ben) Sometimes love is headless, Ben. The heart replaces the head.

Jeremiah (to Victoria): You’re free, in a past you can remember, no family obligations, no one trying to decide your life for you.

Joshua: Now that cousin Daniel is here, you will be in charge of his supervision. I would think that will leave you very little free time for yourself. Do you understand me?
Victoria: Yes, I think I do.

Joshua: Cousin Millicent herself has matured into a woman.
Jeremiah: She would be a curiosity if she didn't. I'd hate to think she's still a girl hiding behind doors.

Victoria: I'm beginning to think that I'm here for a purpose....I have the feeling that I'm here to change things.

Angelique: How do you like my new hat, Ben?
Ben: It sure don't go with the rest of ya.

Angelique: Why, Ben... a lady doesn’t go into a gentleman’s bedroom. I may not be a lady yet… but I will be. Barnabas is never going to be ashamed of me. I study, Ben, and I watch. Why, my table manners are as good as Josette’s, and I can tell the finest silks ... and not by looking at the price either. You’ll see, Ben. If I ever leave this place, it will be in my own carriage.

Angelique: The oil from Jeremiah's ring, the oil from his skin, will bind his hair into a belt...for the cobweb of love. The cobweb of love will trap Josette...and the strands of the web will be as iron. There. It's done. Josette loves Jeremiah. Josette loves Jeremiah! Josette loves...Jeremiah.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



  • Barnabas has been kind to Ben and has been the only Collins family member who has, according to Ben.
  • Millicent's mother and father died in an accident five years ago. Since then, Millicent's estate has grown significantly due to the increased value of real estate in New York City. Joshua is intent on having Jeremiah marry Millicent to have her inheritance as part of his family.
  • Victoria knows from the history books that Millicent will never marry, but she did not know that Joshua would someday write his memoirs the history was based on in which he does not mention Millicent's future husband, Nathan, at all.
  • The bonnet belonging to Josette, which Angelique wears here, was previously seen in 370.
  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Angelique: Summoning Ben.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • The Collinsport Fly lands on Louis Edmonds' nose when Joshua and Jeremiah discuss Millicent.
  • During the argument between Joshua and Jeremiah over Jeremiah insisting he does what he pleases, the camera is out of focus on a close-up of Jeremiah and never quite comes into full focus.
  • Victoria says that Carolyn Stoddard is her very best friend. In 366, Victoria said Maggie Evans is her best friend.
  • By this time, shouldn't Victoria have gotten used to the idea that everyone she meets looks like someone from 1967 and stop being surprised by it?
  • After Angelique puts her potion in Jeremiah's toddy, as she walks from Ben to the mirror, the camera has trouble following her properly.
  • The lock of hair from Jeremiah that Ben obtained for Angelique to use to cast her spell looks to be about six inches long, much longer than Jeremiah's hair.

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