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Julia tries to convince Tony that her life is at stake.



Collinwood is dark and lonely this night, and there are those among us who live in fear within the walls of the great house, for the nights there have become a time of deceit and intrigue. Nearby in a lawyer's office in the town of Collinsport, young Carolyn Stoddard will attempt to serve the force of evil that has been in our midst for so long.

Carolyn, having stolen the keys to Tony Peterson's office and secured the combination to his safe, tries to steal Julia Hoffman's notebook, which details Barnabas Collins' true nature. However, the notebook is no longer inside the safe and Tony catches Carolyn in the act.

Act I

Tony demands an explanation; Carolyn makes up a story, claiming that Elizabeth Stoddard had an affair while married to Paul Stoddard. She accuses Julia of blackmailing her mother with the notebook detailing the sordid affair. Carolyn is very convincing, and Tony is drawn into her web of lies. Instead of calling the police on her, he offers to take Carolyn home.

Act II

Later, the couple arrive at Collinwood where Julia finds them in a romantic embrace. Carolyn and Julia exchange frosty glares as the younger woman goes upstairs to bed. Alone with Julia, Tony confronts her over Carolyn's blackmail claim. She assures him the contents of her notebook have nothing to do with blackmail. Julia learns more about Carolyn's lies and, to earn Tony's trust, she offers to write a letter giving him permission to read the notebook in the event of her death. He agrees to keep the notebook safe.


After Tony departs, David Collins — having returned from his trip to Boston with Victoria Winters, finds Julia in the drawing room. David notes how upset Julia seems. Numb and distracted, Julia leaves and ventures to the Old House. Alone in the foyer, David is welcomed home by Sarah Collins. They talk about his trip to Boston, where Sarah recalls visiting once. Soon, Sarah becomes distracted as if sensing something. She tells David she must go to the Old House, where something bad is about to happen. Someone needs her, and she has to leave.

Act IV

Julia pays a visit to Barnabas, informing him that Carolyn's attempt to steal the notebook failed. Heedless of the danger she is in, Julia goes on to tell Barnabas about her encounter with Sarah. Barnabas accuses her of lying, but Julia taunts him with the fact that Sarah will not appear to him. Enraged, Barnabas throttles her. Suddenly, the doors burst open and a gust of wind extinguishes the candles. Julia collapses. Barnabas turns, and finds Sarah gazing up at him.

Memorable quotes[]

Carolyn: Please, you've got to believe me!
Tony: I wouldn't believe any other thief I caught red-handed; why should I believe you?

Barnabas (to Julia): Apparently Carolyn isn't the experienced criminal that you are.

Julia (to Barnabas, regarding Sarah): She’s lonely, very lonely. She’ll talk to anyone . . . anyone but you.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • As the narrator of the teaser, Grayson Hall uses the first person "us" as if she's speaking in character as Julia. However, by this point in the series, the narrations no longer are being spoken in character. [Given how many entries this supposed blooper appears in, it's pretty clear this is NOT a blooper and should be removed from all the pages that say it.]
  • At the end of the previous episode, Tony arrives at his office without a hat on. Here, he is wearing one.
  • When Carolyn starts to open the safe, she sets Tony's keys on top. After he arrives and when they leave, nobody seems to grab them.
  • Tony tells Carolyn that she can tell him anything because he has "to maintain certain ethics as a lawyer" and says anything he tells her will be kept confidential, seeming to imply attorney-client privilege. But Carolyn is not his client, so that privilege would not apply to anything she tells him. (For that matter, it's not clear that Julia has actually hired Tony to hide her notebook, but he calls her his "client.")
  • Jerry Lacy forgets his lines at the beginning of Act II when Julia says, "What do you mean?" at 9:56. He pauses, says "Um," and then looks at the teleprompter before saying his lines.
  • As Julia is collapsing to the floor, a stagehand--or, more likely, Sharon Smyth running to her position for Sarah to appear--can be seen moving at the bottom left of the screen.
  • In 361 the clock read 9:05pm. In this episode the clock reads 9:15pm when Barnabas and Julia are in the Old House. Yet it would appear to still be the same night. It is unclear how much time has passed between 360 to 365. Dialogue in this episode indicates they occur on two consecutive nights: It was the "other day" when Sarah appeared to Julia at the Collins mausoleum (occurred at the end of 361). However, Julia and Carolyn both wear the same clothes across this run of episodes, suggesting it all happens on one night. Victoria and David are said to have just returned from Boston during this episode, and the séance occurs on the night of Victoria's return, which may suggest that at some point during this episode, the day changes from one night to the next. It may be that the clock in the Old House is incorrect. It also gave a conflicting time (355), as when the narrative returns to the present day in 461, it will indicate that the séance took place at midnight.

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