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Darkness shrouds the walls of Collinwood, and hides its secrets well. Inside the great house, all seems peaceful and serene. A frightened and disturbed boy lies sleeping. But sleep brings him no peace, for dreams can bring him one step closer to learning a terrifying and dangerous secret.

David Collins sleeps restlessly in his bedroom. Drawn into a nightmare, he finds himself in Eagle Hill Cemetery where Barnabas Collins bares his fangs at him.

Act I

David wakes screaming and hysterical. Victoria Winters and Burke Devlin hear him and rush into the room. They manage to calm him but, when asked, David claims not to remember his dream. Wanting to be alone, Burke and Victoria make sure David is alright before leaving him. Outside in the hall, Victoria admits to being terribly worried about David. The boy has been fearful for the past "few days" and refuses to tell her why. At that moment, David opens his door and asks to speak with Burke alone. He confesses to having lied about not remembering his nightmare because he didn't want to upset Victoria. Burke is disturbed to learn David's dream concerned Barnabas. David describes his nightmare along with the uneasy feeling he has toward his cousin. Scared witless, he doesn't want Barnabas to come anywhere near him.

Act II

Later, Burke returns to Victoria in the Drawing room and relates his conversation with David. His suspicions toward Barnabas have been reignited, which doesn't sit well at all with Victoria. They both agree to change the subject before an argument ensues. Victoria answers at knock at the door to find Barnabas, who is looking for Miss Hoffman. But Julia has gone out for the evening. Barnabas leaves word that he must see her urgently before returning to the Old House. Again, Burke's curiosity is aroused and Victoria chides him for making a mystery over every little thing. While she goes upstairs to check on David, Burke glares across the foyer at the Portrait of Barnabas.


Julia returns to Collinwood, and learns that Barnabas was looking for her. Burke wastes no time in pelting Julia with questions about her "book". She sidesteps these, then departs for the Old House. There, Barnabas and Willie Loomis are anxiously waiting for Julia. Once she arrives, Julia is shocked to learn that Maggie Evans' memory has returned. She refuses to believe this is even possible, especially after the last time she hypnotized Maggie into forgetting her ordeal. Barnabas orders Julia to go to Maggie and see if the girl has really regained her memory. Julia is forced to sheepishly admit that Maggie is no longer her patient. This blunder, as Barnabas points out, may mean the end of the doctor's life.

Act IV

In spite of Julia's blundering, Barnabas decides to spare her. Julia advises him to wait a few days and he will see that Maggie has, in fact, remembered absolutely nothing. After a pause, Barnabas appears to agree. Julia, pleased that Barnabas is being sensible at last, goes to prepare another injection of her serum for him. However, once he and Barnabas are alone again, Willie realizes the vampire is planning something. Indeed, Maggie has become too great a threat to Barnabas' existence and must be killed tonight.

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Background information and notes

  • The color videotape master of this episode is lost. However, a monochrome Kinescope film copy does exist.
  • David's (unseen) "scream" was, in fact, a stock sound effect usually reserved for female characters.

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • When David screams at the beginning, Vicki runs into his room but Burke is already in the room hiding behind the dresser, waiting for his cue, then also starts running. The camera obviously wasn't supposed to pan this far left.
  • When Julia asks Barnabas "Then, you won't do anything to Maggie..."  he answers "Not yet, not until I'm certain that she no longer is a threat to me."  The correct line would be "... not until I'm certain that she is a threat to me."
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