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August 29, 1967


August 15, 1967


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Maggie starts to become upset from being under "protective custody"; Sam and Joe finally agree to take her out of the house.



It is a special kind of darkness that the night brings to Collinwood, a darkness concealing an unknown terror. Only one person, a young girl, has known the full secret of this terror. But the secret has been pushed back into a dark and forgotten corner of her troubled mind.

At the Evans cottage, Sam Evans is painting while Maggie Evans, suffering from cabin fever, insists on leaving the house. Sam reminds her of the danger involved, but Maggie is adamant: she wants to lead a normal life again.

Act I

Sam threatens to forcibly restrain his daughter if she tries to leave. Maggie can't believe he would do such a thing. Once again, Sam reminds her of the Collinsport Strangler and the terrible condition she was in when she was found on the beach. He plans to do everything in his power to see that Maggie remains safe. At that moment, Joe Haskell pays them a visit. When he learns Maggie nearly left the house, Joe sides with Sam. Maggie explodes and storms off to her bedroom. Although Joe doesn't understand why Maggie can't comprehend the possible danger, Sam feels as if they've made a mistake keeping her "cooped up". Sam decides that Maggie should be safe if both he and Joe are with her in town. He suggests Joe get them a table at the Blue Whale, and he'll bring Maggie as soon as she calms down. Joe reluctantly agrees, hoping they're not making a mistake.

Act II

At the Blue Whale, a pensive Victoria Winters is waiting on Burke Devlin when Joe comes in. Joe joins her and orders a beer. He confides his troubles with Maggie to Victoria, who is sure Sheriff Patterson is doing everything he can to catch Maggie's kidnapper. Victoria learns that a "strange little girl" visited Maggie shortly after she returned to Collinsport. Although Joe is doubtful, Victoria believes there is a connection between Maggie and Sarah.


Later, Sam and Maggie arrive and join Victoria and Joe. Maggie, decidedly more cheerful, apologizes to Joe, who orders a round of drinks. Victoria explains her belief that Sarah might be the key to all the answers they've been looking for. The quartet discuss the odd chain of coincidences involving the mysterious little girl. For a moment, Maggie almost begins to remember. Joe and Sam determine to find Sarah in order to finally discover the truth of what happened to Maggie. Victoria believes David Collins might be able to help them. At that moment, Burke enters the bar and receives a frosty welcome from Victoria.

Act IV

Burke learns of Joe and Sam's plan to find Sarah. Maggie and her two protectors return home, while Victoria rails at Burke over his private investigation of Barnabas Collins. Burke explains jealousy is not his motive - suspicion is. He believes Barnabas was responsible for Maggie's abduction. Victoria has heard enough. She blows up at Burke, threatening to call off their engagement if he continues to malign Barnabas.

Memorable quotes[]

Victoria (to Burke): If you continue to... to malign Barnabas Collins in this way... well, I will never marry you.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 303.


  • This is the first of two episodes in which Joe is seen smoking a cigarette, the other being 312.
  • There are three new songs on the Blue Whale jukebox, including Francis Lai's "A Man and a Woman."
  • TIMELINE: Sam and Joe plan to go up to Collinwood tomorrow to question David about Sarah. It was "last week" when Burke got the name Niall Bradford from Barnabas. It was the "other night" when Burke and Victoria announced their engagement. Sarah told David that Maggie was still alive "about two weeks ago."

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • When Maggie stomps off to her bedroom, she does not exit to where her bedroom door was previously established as being located.
  • Vicki states that Maggie was calling Sarah's name when she wandered into the Blue Whale after escaping from the sanitarium; however, Maggie never called the child by name - she only mentioned a 'little girl'.
  • At the Blue Whale, when Joe asks Maggie if Sarah told her anything about her family or where she lives, Maggie responds and then converses with Victoria, but the whole time, the camera stays on Joe, seemingly mistakenly, and Joel Crothers even looks off stage for one moment. The shot then goes to Maggie who is also not speaking at the time.

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