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Maggie's memory starts to come back, however Julia is able to re-hypnotize her before she reveals anything.



A brilliant morning sun warms the walls of Collinwood, and, on the surface, all is peaceful and serene. But within the great house, there is one who senses danger in the peacefulness of the morning sunshine. One who senses approaching terrors that are, as yet, unseen and unknown.

Carolyn Stoddard, clearly worried, paces the drawing room when Elizabeth Collins Stoddard enters looking for Victoria Winters. Victoria has gone to visit Maggie Evans, whom both Elizabeth and Carolyn are happy is alive and well. Carolyn notes the lack of recent attacks on women in town, and is hopeful the Collinsport Strangler has gone away. Elizabeth notes her daughter's nervous state, and Carolyn confesses she has a feeling something terrible is about to happen soon.

Act I

As Elizabeth tries to get to the heart of Carolyn's worries, Burke Devlin pays a visit to Collinwood. He is interested in purchasing Seaview, and Elizabeth leaves to collect the deed and the keys to the property. Carolyn speaks with Burke alone, deducing he intends to buy the house for Victoria. Elizabeth returns, having found something wrong with the deed: it is marked not for sale. She sees no reason why the house--which she knows little about--couldn't be sold. Burke invites both ladies to look at Seaview with him.

Act II

Later, the trio arrive at Seaview. Elizabeth wonders why no one has had anything to do with the house, and Carolyn takes an instant liking to it, and goes to explore the upstairs. Talking to Burke, Elizabeth guesses why he is so anxious to buy the house, and states her approval, and is surprised her opinion means so much to him. Burke presses Elizabeth for a price, but she says she will have to think about it. Carolyn returns, having discovered how beautiful all the rooms are. Elizabeth, however, does not share the duo's enthusiasm about the house. Still, she agrees to sell it to Burke but would like a day or two in order to decide on a price.


Meanwhile, at the Evans cottage, Victoria and Maggie discuss the last thing the latter can clearly remember before her abduction. Victoria describes the strange events of that night to her, but Maggie has no recollection whatsoever. Maggie is frustrated with herself; she wants desperately to remember. Victoria thinks she might know of one place Maggie might have been during that missing time: Eagle Hill Cemetery. She relates the day she and Burke visited the graveyard, and she thought she saw Maggie from a distance. Although Maggie has no memory of being in the cemetery, the mention of Victoria's purpose for being there, placing flowers on the grave of Josette Collins, has an odd effect on her. Maggie starts to remember something.

Act IV

The name Josette means something to her, and Maggie recalls seeing a coffin. Unfortunately, the girls are interrupted when Julia Hoffman pays a surprise visit. While she peruses Sam Evans' paintings, Julia is alarmed to overhear Maggie is beginning to recover her memory again. She intervenes, and shows Victoria and Maggie her jeweled medallion. Julia asks for a cup of tea, and Victoria offers to make it. Once the governess is out of the room, Julia hypnotizes Maggie into forgetting her ordeal all over again. Victoria returns; Maggie cannot remember anything at all.

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Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • There is an edit when Elizabeth and Carolyn hear a knock at the door of Collinwood: the scene suddenly cuts to Elizabeth opening the door. This edit might have occurred after the original network showing of the episode, possibly due to tape damage.
  • The Collinsport Afghan appears in the Evans cottage.


  • Seaview, which has been in the Collins family for "years and years", is located "several miles" down the beach from Collinwood.
  • Julia claims her jeweled medallion is a family heirloom passed down by her grandmother.
  • This is the second time we've seen Seaview, the house by the sea that Victoria loves so much. A window, facing the ocean, has been open both times. Between the salt air, the huge thunderstorms and, at least, the seagulls, there is no way the house would be in such pristine condition.
  • TIMELINE: Day 109 takes place. There hasn't been an attack from the Collinsport Strangler for some time now.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • When Elizabeth and Carolyn are talking in the drawing room, after Carolyn tells her mother she is not sure what is troubling her, Joan Bennett pauses and looks offstage. It appears that the expected knock at the door is late, and Bennett starts to ad lib until the knock finally occurs.
  • Joan Bennett and Anthony George stumble over lines while discussing the deed to the house.
  • Burke brings up buying Seaview to Elizabeth without there ever having been any indication on screen that he knew it was owned by the Collins family. He surely would have mentioned it when he visited it with Victoria and Barnabas if he knew, so he must have researched it off screen. Production-wise, it's possible the writers only just decided with this episode that it was a Collins property.

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