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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


Lela Swift


August 3, 1966


July 20, 1966


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28 Gallery
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Maggie Evans tells Roger Collins that David was seen trying to get into Burke's room at the hotel.


My name is Victoria Winters. A nine-year-old boy, driven by fear and desperation, has disappeared from Collinwood. A boy who holds the key to an attempted murder. A crime that involves the interest and concern of many people.

Teaser: Burke Devlin storms into the police station and confronts Sheriff Carter about his hotel room being searched. Carter sternly tells him off. Burke brings up his lawyers, cautioning the sheriff to stay away from him. Unfazed, Carter drives home the point that Burke is a suspect in a murder, which Devlin immediately denies. The sheriff counters that if he's innocent then what does he have to hide?

Act I

Burke is still furious over his room being searched. The Sheriff is firm, and shows him the search warrant; he says he wouldn't have made a move without it. As Burke examines the warrant and asks questions, the sheriff is evasive. He insists the search was normal procedure. Burke is skeptical, asking if Roger Collins was involved, also bringing up the events of ten years past. Carter warns Burke to think about the facts of the case; if he didn't do it, then who did?

At the Collinsport Inn Restaurant, Maggie insistently offers David a sundae after she finds him loitering in the hotel lobby. She cheerfully makes small talk with the sullen boy, mentioning his father who buys coffee there. She's actually looking to speak with Roger, asking David if he knows where he is as well as asking the boy how he came into town. His answers are shaky, and he changes the subject, asking Maggie about working the soda fountain. She goes to the phone booth to call her own father while David eats his ice cream.

Act II

Back the station, Burke Devlin and Sheriff Carter continue their conversation. There is a brief interruption; it's a long distance call from Lieutenant Frank Palmer in New York. Carter allows Devlin to overhear. Burke denies any involvement in the accident and knows that the Sheriff is looking for the bleeder valve, which wasn't found in Burke's room. They exchange final heated words and Devlin storms off while Carter phones back the NYPD detective.

At the diner, David makes a dessert while Maggie asks him about his attempted burglary, which he denies. The boy wants to leave; Maggie is stalling him since David had said earlier he was meeting his father at the inn. Roger shows up, seemingly annoyed. David hides while the two adults talk. Maggie is perplexed as to his disappearance while his father doesn't seem to care.


Maggie tells Roger that David was trying to get into Burke Devlin's room. She also asks Roger if he knows anything about her father, who's been upset lately. Maggie lets slip that Burke came over to visit Sam. Roger asks Maggie about what they were talking about; Maggie explains that Burke used to pose for the painter years ago and that her father is doing a new portrait of him. Coincidentally, Burke enters the diner. Maggie sees to Devlin's order of lobster rolls while Roger and Burke have a heated exchange.

After Roger leaves, Burke invites Maggie to sit with him. She tells Burke that Roger had been urgently seeking out her father the night Burke had arrived. Burke also learns from Maggie that Sam and Roger were estranged until he had returned to Collinsport. The last time they had spoken was ten years ago, when Maggie was still just a kid.

Act IV

Sheriff Carter informs an impatient Roger that Burke is clean and runs an investment company, but that he had hired a private investigator who came to Collinsport two weeks before Devlin arrived. His purpose was to dig up information on the Collins Family. The Sheriff asks Roger the same question he had earlier asked Burke: "Do you have anything to hide?"

Maggie still can't find David. Burke finishes his meal and departs. From the point of view inside the phone booth, Maggie can be seen closing up the restaurant and heads out. Once she's gone, David emerges from his hiding place and goes back into the hotel.

Memorable quotes[]

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Michael Currie's character is now credited as "Sheriff Carter," catching up to his promotion in 24.
  • This is the second time the phone booth at the Collinsport Inn is seen in the diner.


  • The last time Roger visited Sam was ten years ago at the time of Burke's manslaughter trial.
  • Burke runs an investment company.
  • Burke hired a detective about two weeks before he returned to Collinsport in order to dig up information about the Collins family.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Actor Louis Edmonds can be seen through the curtains of the Collinsport Inn front door bouncing up and down, getting ready for his entrance.
  • Actor David Henesy accidentally bumps into the camera as he's running to hide.
  • As Burke and Maggie are sitting at a table talking, a shadow is on Mitchell Ryan and then moves away.
  • In the closing credits, Ohrbach's is misspelled as "Orhbach's."

End credits announcements[]

  • From the national shrine of the Immaculate Conception, from the White House, and from key points around Washington, DC, ABC News brings you live color coverage of the Lucy Johnson wedding, Saturday morning on ABC.
  • Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis production.

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