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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Ron Sproat


John Sedwick


May 19, 1967


May 10, 1967


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235 Gallery
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After Maggie is admitted to hospital, her condition worsens and a nurse pronounces her dead, yet she disappears mere moments later.



My name is Victoria Winters. Darkness hovers over Collinwood like a shroud, and somewhere in that darkness exists the presence of an evil force, someone with the powers of enormous destruction at his command. He has been waiting to strike, waiting to destroy, and tonight perhaps he has. An innocent young girl is a prisoner in a locked room, and no one knows what fate awaits her.

Victoria continues to bang on the door and yell for Maggie, but there is no answer from the other side. Only the howling of a dog. At that moment, Burke arrives and he breaks open the locked door. Victoria screams when she and Burke find an unconscious Maggie, with bloody puncture marks on her neck.

Act I

Dr. Woodard has been called and Victoria sits vigil while he examines Maggie, who has lost a tremendous amount of blood. The wounds appear to be bite marks, as if Maggie was attacked by an animal. As Sam returns from the Old House, Woodard phones for an ambulance. Sam blames himself for Maggie's condition as he feels he should have never left.

Act II

Maggie remains unconscious, and Woodard urges Sam and Victoria out of her bedroom so he can finish his examination. Burke offers Sam a drink, but the artist refuses. Victoria explains the strange events which led to Maggie being attacked. Woodard returns and says there's nothing more to be done for Maggie until she's in a hospital. She needs another sizable transfusion. He promises to do everything he can for her.


At the Collinsport Hospital, Maggie has been admitted and is receiving a transfusion. Her heartbeat is stronger, which offers Woodard, Sam and Joe a little hope. Maggie begins to wake and calls out for her father. She tries to explain what happened to her, and that she had a terrible nightmare. Maggie apologizes to Joe for her earlier behavior, and she asks Sam to promise to take care of him. She is certain she is going to die. Woodard ushers the men out of the room so that Maggie can rest. Maggie, defeated, reiterates her feeling of death.

Act IV

Later, Woodard gives a nurse orders to remain with Maggie, who is sleeping. In the waiting room, Sam breaks down as he remembers he was sitting in the exact same spot the night Maggie was born. Both he and Joe are adamant about remaining at the hospital all night. At that moment, Maggie wakes and asks the nurse to open the window. She pleads for fresh air, and the nurse relents and opens the window a crack. Suddenly, Maggie begins to choke and falls unconscious. The nurse races out of the room to call Dr. Woodard, but when they return to the hospital room Maggie has disappeared...

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Background information and notes[]


  • The makeup appliance on Maggie's neck that provides the fake blood from the bite marks can be clearly seen. It is also clear that there is some device to provide a pulsing motion to Maggie's neck under the appliance.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • The shadow of a crew member can be seen passing over Maggie's bed as Dr. Woodard is giving the nurse instructions by Maggie's bedside.
  • The bandage on Maggie's neck repeatedly comes unstuck during the hospital scenes.

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