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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Malcolm Marmorstein


John Sedwick


May 1, 1967


April 25, 1967


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220 Gallery
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Jason and Willie sever their partnership, and Willie finds a new place to stay, the Old House.



My name is Victoria Winters. There is a strange illness at Collinwood, an illness that has caused a collapse and loss of strength, an illness that appears with the daylight and disappears as the sun sets and the darkness grows.

Willie wakes up in his room at Collinwood in the early evening. He begins getting dressed, just as Jason comes in to check on him. Willie's health is showing a remarkable improvement, and Jason doesn't understand how Willie could have recovered so miraculously.

Act I

Jason's convinced now that Willie has been faking his illness in order to work on his own scam, independent of McGuire. Jason feels betrayed by this, and severs his partnership with Willie. He tells Willie that it is time for him to leave Collinwood. Jason leaves to get the money he promised him from his room and arranges to meet Willie downstairs.

Act II

Victoria comes up to Willie’s room to bring him some food prepared by Mrs. Johnson, who feels that underneath Willie's hard exterior he's basically a good person. Willie apologizes for all of the bad things he has done lately, and Victoria is amazed at Willie's apparent honesty. He claims that his illness has made him feel remorseful for his past actions. Downstairs in the drawing room, Jason informs Elizabeth that Willie is leaving. Elizabeth, who was certain Loomis would be staying for awhile, wryly comments on Willie's recovery. At that moment, Willie comes and tries to speak to Elizabeth.


Elizabeth just wants Willie to leave and has no interest in hearing what he has to say. Willie has something important that he needs to tell her, but she refuses to listen. Jason, who thinks Willie is going to "blow the whistle" on him, drags Willie out of the drawing room and forces Willie out the front door. He gives Willie the $500 and tells him to check into the Collinsport Inn where he will look in on him later. Later that evening, Barnabas arrives at Collinwood to speak with Elizabeth about moving into the Old House. Elizabeth gives him permission to move in before going in search of the keys to the property, and Victoria, who has come downstairs, is surprised to learn where Barnabas intends to live.

Act IV

Barnabas announces his intention to completely restore the mansion to its original condition, and Victoria is excited by the prospect. Elizabeth returns with the keys to the house and Barnabas returns to his new home. Elizabeth and Victoria both comment on Barnabas' attachment to the Old House, and the mysterious change in Willie. Later, Barnabas arrives at the Old House and he ushers in his new house-servant – Willie Loomis. Defeated, without spirit, Willie trembles as Barnabas reminds him he has duties to perform - ones he clearly dreads.

Memorable quotes[]

Victoria (to Willie): Most people are sorry when it's too late.

Willie: What's gonna happen to me?
Jason: Well, I don't know, Willie. That's sort of up to you, isn't it?
Willie: No. No, it's not up to me.

Jason: Well, Liz, are you pleased?
Elizabeth: "Pleased" is hardly the word.

Elizabeth (regarding Willie's quick recovery): I must check with the doctor. He must have given him one of those new miracle drugs.

Victoria (about Barnabas): It's almost as if the house belongs to him, or maybe he belongs to the house.

Barnabas (to a terrified Willie): You no longer have anything to say about what you do. Go. Now!

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



  • This is the first time that Barnabas and Willie share screen time, face to face. Until now, Willie has interacted only with Barnabas' portrait. [That is incorrect, since the first time we met Barnabas, his hand was around Willie's throat.]
  • TIMELINE: It was a few hours ago when the Doctor visited Willie. 7:30pm: Barnabas and Elizabeth in the drawing room. It was the other day when Victoria encountered Barnabas at the Old House.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • The opening narration says that Willie's illness "disappears" with the darkness and appears with the daylight. And indeed in the opening teaser, Willie seems to feel normal as night approaches. This doesn't align with what happened before, though. The previous night when Willie was called by Barnabas at dusk, he was still weak, sick, and falling down, even though he ran from Collinwood.
  • Actor Dennis Patrick struggles to deliver his lines during an argument with Willie Loomis.
  • When Barnabas is talking to Elizabeth, Jonathan Frid mistakenly refers to Barnabas's proposal to move into the "New House" rather than the "Old House."
  • Act III begins at 7:30 PM and there is no break in the action between then and the end of the act when Vicki brings down the tray from Willie's room and starts talking to Barnabas. Act IV begins a few minutes later...Vicki is just putting down the tray. But the clock chimes a quarter past the hour, so it must be at least 45 minutes after the start of Act III.
  • The sound of squeaking metal can be heard after Barnabas opens the doors to the Old House and begins to walk in.

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