Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


John Sedwick


July 25, 1966


July 11, 1966


Complete: Disc 3
Beginning 1: Disc 3

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Victoria receives a letter informing her that a private detective has investigated her background. Malloy confronts Burke about the accident.

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My name is Victoria Winters. The early morning mist rises from the sea at the foot of Widows' Hill. The great house sits quietly on its crest and the events of a shattering night seem almost like a vague memory of a forgotten dream. But it was no dream and there's no forgetting that a man had almost been killed.

In the Collinwood Kitchen, Victoria and Carolyn eat and talk about recent events. Victoria believes Burke; Bill accuses Burke and says he's filled with hate. Carolyn hopes Victoria's right, or she'll feel guilty for bringing Burke to Collinwood. Victoria relates a story from the Foundling Home to assuage Carolyn's opinion. Victoria learns that Wilbur Strake investigated her. Victoria accuses Elizabeth (who becomes quite agitated over the fact that Victoria's past is being looked into) of knowing something about her past; Burke learns of the chain of gossip.

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  • First episode directed by John Sedwick. This is also the first episode to be directed by someone other than Lela Swift.
  • This episode begins with a shot of the ocean, rather than Collinwood. Along with 1, this is one of only two episodes that don't open with a shot of the big house.
  • The door to Burke's room gets a number "24" on the outside beginning with this episode.

Story Edit

  • When she was younger, Carolyn would come home from school in tears after children would call Elizabeth a witch.

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  • A dark shadow appears on the couch behind Burke while he sits.

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