Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Malcolm Marmorstein


John Sedwick


April 4, 1967


March 21, 1967


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McGuire, whose connection to Paul intrigues Carolyn, and Willie, who gets too fresh with Maggie, make an odd pair.

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My name is Victoria Winters. The foundations of Collinwood house a frightful secret. A secret that has lain dormant for eighteen years. A secret awakened by a stranger. But there is another stranger, one who is to awaken and unleash a force that will affect the lives of everyone.

At the Blue Whale, Willie is at the bar drinking when Maggie shows up looking for Joe. Willie tells the bartender to buy a drink for her. The bartender asks questions, earning a scolding from Willie, who stalks over to Maggie. Willie tells her it was impolite to refuse his offer, and she continues to vigil against his advances. He creeps his slimy form into a chair and verbally abuses her as well.

Act I

Willie and Maggie's sparring match continues as he deduces she's not a friendly girl. Maggie is curt and cold to Willie, who doesn't get the hint. Willie, emboldened by Maggie's rejection, begins to "dig" her when Joe comes in; Willie is creepy and yucky and rude to Joe, believing he has salvage rights on Maggie as Joe is a whole handful of seconds late.

Act II

Willie continues to be a yucky idiot, apparently the type with which Joe deals regularly. As Willie is about to attack Joe, McGuire enters and puts a stop to it. McGuire cools Willie, buys everyone a drink, and soothes Joe and Maggie. Maggie remarks how odd it is that a "creep" is with such a smoothie. Maggie tells Joe that Sam's at home as he's being pressured by Portia Fitzsimmons for more paintings. At the bar, Willie and Jason argue; Willie has decided he is to move into Collinwood.


Jason thinks Willie's insane; Jason believes he's in control of Willie, but Willie feels the relationship is one-sided. Jason scolds Willie for his short-sightedness and when Willie laments his fortunes, McGuire gives him some cash. After some banter, they are back on track. Willie wants Jason to 'think up' some money.

Act IV

At Collinwood, Carolyn encounters McGuire in the Study smoking Roger's favorite cigars. She asks McGuire about Paul, as she has only heard the worst about her father. He claims the last time he saw him was 18 years ago, the last time Elizabeth saw him. He speaks of Paul's laugh as a winsome characteristic. Paul was the kind of man men liked, and women, too. Carolyn knows this last trait well. McGuire was shocked by the wedding of Paul and Elizabeth despite their making a handsome couple. Paul wasn't a man for marriage, as he had no idea what permanent meant. Carolyn asks if that was why he left Elizabeth. McGuire says he doesn't know, and that he and Paul were alike. McGuire offers to tell her stories about Paul if she'd like to know more; she'll consider it. McGuire says that Paul would be proud of her if he were to see her now. Carolyn would like to believe that; a few moments later, she answers the door and Willie enters, claiming to be a friend of Jason's. Once he's in, he tells Jason he's decided to accept his invitation.

Memorable quotes Edit

Willie: i got nothing!
Willie: you see that this all i got.
Jason: Willie, if your word were any good, you and I wouldn't be friends.
Willie (to Maggie): The travel brochure said it was picturesque. Yeah, I came all the way from South America just to little sunny...what's the name of this burg, anyway?
Maggie: Rio de Janeiro.

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  • The opening narration refers to Barnabas Collins. He will be mentioned for the first time by name in 205. [Addendum: My sense is that Barnabas is referred to indirectly, that the "stranger" is in fact Willie.. who, yes, will "awaken and unleash a force that will affect the lives of everyone," which of course is Barnabas.]
  • Willie claims to have been in South America and traveled "thousands of miles" before coming to Collinsport.
  • Carolyn exits the study and then walks out of the door in the foyer that leads to the kitchen, although it was previously established that the study was to the left of the main drawing room off of the foyer.
  • TIMELINE: Day 53 begins, and will end in 203.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Actor James Hall pronounces Willie's last name as "Low-mis".

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