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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


Lela Swift


July 22, 1966


July 8, 1966


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20 Gallery
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Roger accuses Burke of causing his car accident. Victoria questions Roger's assumption of Burke's guilt.


Opening narration
My name is Victoria Winters. The road that leads down from Collinwood is steep and winding. It twists and turns like the hidden secrets of my past. And now it has brought a man close to death, a man who is searching for answers of his own.


Roger and Victoria arrive at the Collinsport Inn in his convertible. Roger tells Vicki to wait in the coffee shop and not the hotel lobby so she won't be seen and the hotel clerk won't be able to warn Burke Devlin she is there. Roger says he will call down when he wants her to come upstairs.

Act I

While Vicki is having a cup of coffee in the diner, Sam Evans comes in and sits with her. He had seen she and Roger enter the diner, and he is curious where Roger is now. Vicki refuses to discuss it with him, but Sam deduces Roger is visiting Burke.

Upstairs, Burke is getting ready for bed when Roger knocks at his door. Roger tells him he is not a ghost. Burke asks him if he is all right, but Roger wants to talk about the business deal, and about how long Burke waited for him at The Blue Whale. Burke offers Roger a drink.

Act II

Sam arrives back at his cottage, and is taking off his coat when the phone rings. It is Mr. Wells calling to check up on Maggie. Maggie comes out of her bedroom as Sam complains about the idiot calling after midnight, knowing Maggie needed rest for her headache. Suddenly, Sam realizes Mr. Wells was calling not to check up on Maggie, but because Maggie had asked him to report on Sam.

Burke explains to Roger that his business proposition was to have Roger try to convince Elizabeth to sell the cannery, but Roger assures Burke Elizabeth would never sell. Roger doesn't believe that was the reason Burke wanted him to come to the Blue Whale. Roger explains the accident, and accuses Burke of trying to kill him. Roger calls the front desk and asks to have Vicki sent up.


Sam tells Maggie he plans to leave early in the morning to paint the sunrise over the cliffs. Maggie is surprised that all of a sudden her pop wants to take up art again after such a long period of dormancy.

Burke insists he had nothing to do with Roger's car. Roger challenges him to say that again as he lets Vicki into the room.

Act IV

Burke once again repeats his story that all he was doing in the garage was looking at Roger's car. He asks Vicki if she saw him tampering with the car at all, and Vicki says she did not. Burke tells Roger he is not the kid that was railroaded 10 years ago, he is a man now who is not afraid of the Collins family.

Back at Collinwood, Roger tells Vicki she must now remain, as he needs her.

Memorable quotes[]

Sam: I guess I wasn't exactly truthful with you, Miss Winters. You see, I had left the hotel and I was on my way home, and then I glanced back. And I saw Roger Collins and you enter that door. It's a bad habit of mine, glancing back. One should always look ahead, don't you think?
Victoria: It can't always be done.
Sam: True. The past can sometimes be a mockery to the future.

Maggie: I'm getting to hate that place.
Sam: Now, why should you hate Collinwood? It's just a nice, respectable house filled with nice, respectable horrors.
Maggie: One of which seems to have trapped my nice, respectable father.

Burke: Now, just a minute, Roger. You're not dealing with a kid you railroaded ten years ago, and don't you forget it.
Roger: Nobody railroaded you.
Burke: If you start pushing me around again, you'll wish you never got up from that car.
Roger: Don't think you can...
Burke: I'm a big boy now! I don't get scared when the people up at Collinwood start making noise.
Roger: Are you finished?
Burke: No. Not quite. (turns to Victoria) Miss Winters, I don't know how he dragged you into this mess, but I want to give you some advice. I want to tell you exactly what I told you the night you got here. Get on the train; go home. Get away from here while you can.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Kathryn Leigh Scott no longer wears the short blonde wig, and from this point on Maggie Evans is a brunette.
  • Sam's drawing of Collinwood would later reappear in 46 and be attributed to David Collins.
  • This is the first episode with Tony Amodeo credited for audio and Michael Michaels credited for video.
  • The door to Burke's room at the hotel now opens inward. It remains this way from now on.
  • The local newspaper known as The Collinsport Star makes its first appearance.


  • The hotel clerk's five dollar fee for information/gossip would be $45.04 in 2023 adjusted for inflation.
  • TIMELINE: Day 3 begins, and will end in 36.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • While Sam and Maggie are seated in the diner, there is a mirror behind Sam. People moving behind the camera can be seen reflected in that mirror every time the camera is focused on Sam.
  • Mark Allen accidentally starts to refer to Burke as "Roger."
  • The Collinsport Fly is seen buzzing around Roger's head in Burke's room.
  • The cash register is back on the end of the counter at the restaurant.
  • In Act III, Burke apparently realizes he was supposed to be holding a glass in his hand, and stops in mid-sentence to pick it up from the coffee table, just so Roger can knock it out of his hand. The glass flies to behind the couch, but there is no sound of it breaking. Instead, a few seconds after the glass obviously landed on the floor, there is the sound of a plastic cup bouncing on the floor.
  • Roger picks up the phone and tells the hotel staff that someone is waiting for him at the restaurant, and asks them to send him up. It should be "send her up".
  • At the start of Act IV, Mitchell Ryan is seen looking off stage for his cue to start the scene.
  • In the closing credits, Ohrbach's is misspelled as "Orhbach's"

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