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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Malcolm Marmorstein


Lela Swift


March 27, 1967


March 14, 1967


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Elizabeth continues to act secretively about the trip to the basement and invites Jason McGuire to stay at Collinwood, shocking Roger, Carolyn, and Victoria.



"My name is Victoria Winters. A man has come to Collinwood, a man from out of the past. And with him have come memories, memories that cannot be forgotten, and fears that cannot be overcome.

Elizabeth greets Jason icily, admitting he was the last person in the world she expected to see. Elizabeth introduces Carolyn to Jason McGuire, "someone she used to know." Elizabeth asks what he's doing here, and he implies she already knows.

Act I

Elizabeth is harsh with Jason until he makes a comment about the last time he was at Collinwood, 18 years ago. This gets him a coffee invitation. Alone, they speak of his future plans. Elizabeth is unnerved by McGuire, afraid that Jason won't leave quickly and not return for another 18 years as he is promising. McGuire claims to be in town to forget what happened 18 years ago and correct the ledger of his life. Jason implies that Elizabeth will offer him an invitation to Collinwood.

Act II

Victoria finds Carolyn, who's catching up on her correspondence in the Study, and learns that the occupied Drawing Room is presently being used by Jason and Elizabeth. Victoria talks of her run-in with McGuire at the Collinsport Inn's diner. Carolyn suspects Jason is an old flame of Elizabeth's. Jason and Elizabeth play verbal chess; Jason implies it would be unwise for Elizabeth not to invite him to stay at Collinwood. She doesn't want to remember the past, but he reminds her of an incident 18 years prior that made them more or less accomplices in something. This is the basis for their relationship.


Jason has won the match, and Elizabeth plans to prepare him a room on the main floor. Jason is not interested in a room on the servant's floor; he is the most important guest she's ever had and he wants an ocean view. Elizabeth hopes Jason will eat in his room. Roger barges in and McGuire reminds him of their meeting 18 years prior. Roger is a bit put off by the idea that McGuire will be staying at Collinwood despite there being plenty of room. After Jason goes to collect his gear, Roger questions Elizabeth's invitation of a stranger. Jason is no stranger, she admits. McGuire was a friend of Paul's; this amazes Roger, who inquires as to whether or not Jason brought any information on Paul. What do they have in common?

Act IV

Roger indicts everyone and wants to know how long he'll be "tripping over" McGuire. Elizabeth promises the stay will be brief. Carolyn and Victoria enter; Carolyn laments not having had the chance to say good-bye. Roger wryly states that Carolyn hasn't missed her opportunity, and Elizabeth informs the girls that McGuire will be staying at Collinwood. Carolyn is pleased and surprised, as she thought Elizabeth was shocked to see Jason. Elizabeth, in a rare moment, is evasive and angry that she's being cross-examined. Jason is her concern, no one else's; she orders everyone to ignore McGuire. Roger wryly exits; Carolyn promises to be accommodating to McGuire, evoking a strong reaction from Elizabeth. Carolyn promises it won't be trouble and exits. Victoria offers Elizabeth her help; Elizabeth states she's going to need all the strength she can muster but won't tell Victoria why. Elizabeth again reiterates the importance of keeping her visit to the basement a secret; she needs someone to trust.

Meantime, Jason calls his friend and reports that "everything is going beautifully."

Memorable quotes[]

Jason: I think some things should remain unchanged, timeless like Collinwood.

Elizabeth: (to Jason) It's impossible to hurt your feelings!

Roger: (about Jason) Collect his gear? What is he, a transmission expert?

Roger: (about Jason) Well, if he has to stay here to say hello, how long will it take him to say goodbye?
Elizabeth (about Jason): He was a friend of Paul's.
Roger: Well, that's hardly a recommendation.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


Story []

  • Although not mentioned it's possible Jason McGuire was calling Willie Loomis in the end when he said "everything is going beautifully" .

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Ohrbach's is misspelled as Orhbach's in the credits.

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