Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


Lela Swift


July 19, 1966


July 5, 1966


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David has a nightmare about Roger's car accident; Bill Malloy is certain the crash was caused deliberately.

Synopsis Edit

My name is Victoria Winters. There is no sound in Collinwood. There's only the strangeness of the people around me: the strangeness of the woman who's brought me here; a woman who has not left her house in eighteen years; the strangeness of a small boy and the merciless devils that torment him.

Merciless truth-devils haunt David in his dreams; the oddly-accented Dr. Reeves hopes Lucy Cameron doesn't have her baby early, so he can satisfy Bill Malloy’s desire to check the accident scene again (by nursing Roger while Bill is gone) before Bill has to take Roger home. Roger has to wear a sling for a day or two and tells Reeves that his brakes worked fine until he got ‘100 miles--100 miles, felt like 100 miles--100 feet’ up the Hill. Dr Reeves remembers the guy who died 10 years ago. David wants Elizabeth to recount his dream, which Elizabeth dismisses. Dr Reeves threatens to write a book about New England Secrets. Malloy tells Roger that his was not an accident. He explains the mechanics of bleeder valves and brakes. Roger wants to attack, kill, or in some other way confront Burke. Elizabeth gives David a history quiz (Isaac Collins landed in the area in 1690) and David asks her if she loved her father, who died over 20 years ago. David has been having nightmares about his father's death, but Elizabeth doesn't see the connection. After learning from Elizabeth that Victoria saw Burke near his car, Roger scolds Burke and resolves to grill the governess. Elizabeth talks to Bill about finding Carolyn. Roger plans to go to Victoria's room to interrogate her again. David lurks under the stairs.

Memorable quotes Edit

Bill: Do you know much about cars?
Roger: You put the key in the ignition and the car starts. You turn it off and it stops. That's about it.

Dr. Reeves: Maybe you don't realize just how lucky you are. A few stitches in your forehead, just a few contusions in one arm, bruised and sprained. By all the rules, I should've been signing your death certificate instead of helping you into a jacket.
Roger: Well, I'm sorry to be breaking the rules, Doctor.
Dr. Reeves: Well, that's all right. I get a bigger fee this way.

Roger: (to Isaac Collins' portrait) Well, Isaac, what would you do if somebody had tried to kill you?

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  • First appearance of the character Dr. Reeves, portrayed by Fred Stewart.

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  • Actor Louis Edmonds says the accident happened "a hundred miles" down the hill, then corrects himself with "seemed like a hundred miles - a hundred feet".

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