Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Malcolm Marmorstein


Lela Swift


February 13, 1967


February 6, 1967


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Carolyn and Joe are officially and finally over; Burke and Sam discuss Laura and Dr. Guthrie.

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My name is Victoria Winters. The brightness of the morning cannot mask the fact that the night has been marked by a restless, fitful sleep. Especially for one young woman who has been disturbed by strange premonitions and events that she does not fully understand.

Carolyn is pacing the Drawing room while Victoria plays solitaire. The girls are nervous and worried that David is at Laura's Cottage. Victoria tries to convince both herself and Carolyn Laura won't harm David. But Carolyn is convinced David is in terrible danger.

Act I

Carolyn decides to throw Laura off Collinwood; Victoria reasons that Roger might let David go with Laura if she did that. Carolyn learns of Guthrie's intentions to hold a séance; Carolyn doesn't know how that will help Elizabeth, but thinks it will be a hoot anyway. David comes in and announces he's planning another trip to his mother's. Carolyn scolds him and Victoria cools her jets. David says Josette was protecting him, he smelled her perfume so he knew nothing bad could happen to him. He enjoyed spending time with Laura. David gets distracted staring into the fire.

Act II

Carolyn goes to answer the door, where Joe tells her he needs a ledger from Elizabeth's desk. Joe and Carolyn agree it's been awhile since they've seen each other. Joe offers his help after learning that the doctors still don't know what's wrong with Elizabeth. Carolyn is curious what the townsfolk are saying about Elizabeth's illness. Is there any talk of unnatural causes? The majority of townies are sympathetic to Elizabeth; the rest can't be blamed because what the heck else is there to do in Collinsport? Carolyn pries into Joe's personal life despite already having talked about this in 154. Joe states he's not an eraser... why give someone a second chance when she's hurt you once? Carolyn tells Joe she's free; Joe says he's not. They decide to still be friends. Meanwhile, David tells Victoria he was silly to have ever been afraid of Laura.


On a date with Joe, Maggie is worried about Sam. Joe tells Maggie he saw Carolyn. Maggie is wry about their encounter and tells him there's no ropes holding him to her. They kiss and she again is distracted by Sam's raucous laughter. Maggie talks to Sam about the painting, about which he's blabbed to everybody. He's also been sought out by Guthrie concerning Elizabeth's illness and his paintings. Maggie doesn't want to know what's going on up at Collinwood. Sam tries to figure out what's going on with Collinwood and Elizabeth's illness and states he's up to his ears in the whole mess. After staring at a match flame, he smiles and gets another drink.

Act IV

Burke comes into the Blue Whale and sits down with Joe; they declare a truce because neither of them is interested in Carolyn anymore. They talk about how nice Carolyn could be if she weren't so spoiled. Burke remarks that he probably treated Carolyn as badly as Carolyn treated Joe. Joe is happy he's found someone more stable; Maggie comes back. Maggie tells the boys that Guthrie's been nosing around Sam's paintings and Laura Collins herself. Joe jokes that Burke, not Sam, is the expert on that subject. Burke buys Sam a drink and learns about his painting.

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Victoria: (to Carolyn) I think you're being a little melodramatic.

Sam: It's getting so a man can't even enjoy his own company without somebody butting in.
Burke: All I want to do is buy you a drink.
Sam: Oh, well, in that case I'm happy to have you butt in.
Maggie (to Joe, when he tells her he saw Carolyn): So you've been fishing up at Collinwood. Well, that ain't no fish, buddy. It's a giant stone crab. If you want to get your head bitten off again, don't let me stand in your way.
Maggie: Oh, Joe, sometimes I could crown you.
Joe: King of hearts.
Maggie: Knave of hearts.

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  • After Carolyn lets Joe into the foyer and closes the front doors, one of the doors opens again, which is followed by lots of sounds of crew members on the set -- throat clearing, muffled talk, and footsteps moving about.
  • When Maggie and Sam are at the Blue Whale talking about Dr. Guthrie's visit to their house, Sam says, "All I know is that I'm up to it in my ears" instead of "I'm up to my ears in it."

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