Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Ron Sproat


John Sedwick


February 10, 1967


February 3, 1967


Complete: Disc 19
Beginning 5: Disc 3

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Laura and Josette have a confrontation while Victoria, Carolyn, and Dr. Guthrie discuss their next moves.

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My name is Victoria Winters. It is night now at Collinwood, the stars can be seen and the sounds of the nearby sea can heard through the cold and quiet air. But there is something that cannot be seen, something that cannot be heard, and Collinwood is its home. Its presence is felt even in the seemingly insignificant battles concerning a small boy.

David is planning an overnight at the cottage with his mother which Victoria interrupts. Roger comes in, stating they won't argue about it. He's sending David, with his already-given permission, to the cottage.

Act I

Roger refuses to speak with Victoria about the matter, but finally does, vowing not to change his mind unless David doesn’t change his bad manners. Roger blames Victoria's attitude toward Laura for David's on-again, off-again fear of his mother, which she states as a reason he shouldn't spend the night with her. Roger then accuses her of downright dishonesty when she claims she has no ill feelings toward Laura. Victoria asserts that she's just trying to enact Elizabeth's wishes. Roger again states that he is David's father; they go round and round talking about how much authority Elizabeth had to control David. Roger believes spending time with Laura might quell David's fears. Carolyn walks in wondering what the dilly-o is with David. Roger believes that he's winning the fight against Victoria. Roger is not sending David to the Antipodes, just to Laura's. Carolyn joins Victoria's side in the fight, stating that Victoria's word is final; Roger tells her to rattle her keys somewhere else, David is going to the Cottage. Roger asserts that he is the sole authority concerning David and as such his orders are not to be countermanded concerning the boy.

Act II

Victoria admits she knew her effort was futile, but she had to try. Victoria worries. Carolyn is convinced that Laura has something to do with Elizabeth's sickness. Victoria doubts it, but Carolyn is steadfast in her belief. Victoria says they might have 'one little piece' of evidence, which is what Carolyn dearly wants. Carolyn learns that Elizabeth saw Laura and Burke together at the Cottage. David shows up at the Cottage, complaining that Victoria directs everything he does and wishing he would leave her alone. Roger orders him to obey Victoria in the area of his studies. Roger tells David that Laura's in charge as long as he's with her.


Carolyn plans to go to the Cottage to confront Laura, but Victoria and Guthrie halt her. Although they all admit Laura has something to hide, Guthrie suggests they not tip their hand to Laura, lest she suspect suspicion is upon her and refuse her continued cooperation with what Guthrie has in mind. Guthrie wants to hold a séance and tries to explain his reasons to Victoria and Carolyn. Victoria and Carolyn tell Guthrie that David’s spending the night with Laura in the Cottage. Guthrie doesn't want Roger told about Laura's lie, because he suspects he’d run right to Laura to confront her. Guthrie doesn’t believe that David’s in any imminent danger because Laura's trying to win the boy over. David waxes sentimental about Elizabeth, whom he misses, despite her impatience with his mispronunciations of large words while he read with her. Laura says that only a mother has that kind of patience. Laura offers David to read to her, but he is reluctant to sit next to her suddenly. He acquiesces and they cuddle on the couch, made up as his bed.

Act IV

Carolyn and Victoria feel a chill at Collinwood. As David sleeps on Laura's side, Laura feels a chill. She says "I know you're here, Josette." Josette appears and Laura bids her away. She says David's hers now, and Josette can't protect him anymore. Josette vanishes. David wakes with a start, calling for Elizabeth. Laura coaxes him back to sleep by saying he'll never be afraid, no matter what.

Memorable quotes Edit

Roger: David is spending the night at the cottage! Good heavens! I'm not taking this boy to the Antipodes!

Roger (to Carolyn): Yes, I know. You are the mistress of Collinwood, the keeper of the keys. Well, kindly rattle your keys somewhere else for the moment.

Laura: I know you're here, Josette.

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  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 162.
  • Although Kathryn Leigh Scott infamously replaced the dummy that was to be used as Josette's ghost in episode 70, here the role is played by uncredited extra Rosemary McNamara.

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • At the end of Act I, Roger appears to be reading his lines, not looking at Carolyn or Vicki, as he declares that it is his decision that David go to the cottage.

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