Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


Lela Swift


July 18, 1966


July 4, 1966


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Roger is not seriously injured in the car accident. Elizabeth is appalled that Carolyn went to the Blue Whale knowing Burke would be there.

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My name is Victoria Winters. The dark voices of fear are part of the strange world on top of Widows' Hill. Here in the great house that is now my home, I've listened to their murmurs and trembled at their approach. And now tragedy has almost come, and the hidden echoes of the past are moving closer and closer.

Victoria relates to Elizabeth the message from Malloy: Roger is OK. He's lucky, the accident could have been worse. Elizabeth is not sure it was an accident. Elizabeth recounts the boring facts that led to her boring speech. Joe is still cool to Burke, who insists he be on a first-name basis with the lovebirds. Carolyn implies she'd like to be bludgeoned and kidnapped by Burke. Joe questions her devotion to staying with Burke. Matthew's accident was 17 years ago, and ever since then, he's made sure the brakes on every car worked, according to Elizabeth. Elizabeth worries that Collinwood 'smells of death' and isn't the place for David. Elizabeth asks Matthew how he's been attending to Roger's car; Matthew jumps to the conclusion that Roger complained and says he hates him. He threatens to kill anyone who harms Elizabeth. Matthew says the brakes on Roger's car were checked two days ago, so they had to have been tampered with in order to cause Roger's accident. Carolyn attempts to get Burke to dance with her; Burke refuses. Burke decides to stop waiting for Roger; Carolyn invites him to the movie. Joe storms out after insulting Burke (who's really been quite passive in this). Burke and Carolyn go looking for Joe. Reporters hound Elizabeth because the Collins' are newsworthy. Victoria has to give Carolyn up when Elizabeth attempts to contact her at the movie house. Elizabeth is furious when she learns/realizes that Carolyn is chasing Burke. She finds out from the barkeep that Carolyn indeed left with Burke. Victoria breaks a dish; Elizabeth watches the clock.

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Burke: Never try to figure out a woman, Joe. It's a waste of time.

Elizabeth: (about Collinwood) This is no place for young people. It's old and decaying and smells of death.

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  • Matthew was almost killed on the same spot as Roger due to brakes failing, 17 years ago.
  • Matthew says the brakes on Roger's car were last checked 2 days ago.
  • We hear about Roger's doctor Reeves and Jim Hardy from the constable's office. Reeves will appear in the next episode. Although Jim was never seen in the original series, Jonathon Marx portrays him in the Big Finish Audio Dramas, making his first appearance in Beneath the Veil.
  • David, who is not in this episode, is asleep. The following episode (17) begins with David asleep and experiencing a nightmare.

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