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{{Sidebar episode
{{Sidebar episode
|timeline= [[1841 PT]]
|timeline= [[1841 PT]]
|narrator= [[Grayson Hall]]
|narrator= [[Grayson Hall]]
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|prevep= [[1241|←]]
|prevep= [[1241|←]]
|nextep= [[1243|→]]
|nextep= [[1243|→]]
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==

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1841 PT


Grayson Hall


Gordon Russell


Lela Swift


March 30, 1971


March 19, 1971

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The Great House at Collinwood in the year 1841. A time when terror held sway over the Collins family. Terror brought on by a one hundred and sixty year old curse. Once again a member of the family has been chosen to go into the legendary locked room that has brought death or madness to all who have spent a night in it. The time it is Kendrick Young, related through his sudden marriage to Melanie Collins. Tomorrow night he will enter its doors to survive or perish. Meanwhile, another drama is unfolding in the gazebo...a drama that will lead to attempted murder.

Morgan contemplates murder. Daphne's funeral is held. Morgan writes a note asking Bramwell to go to the remote part of Collinwood. Kendrick waits for night so he can go in to the locked room. Morgan knocks out Bramwell and locks him in the room. Morgan announces that he has locked Bramwell in the room. Catherine runs to Bramwell.

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The first voice over (Bramwell) in a very long time (possibly since 1195?).

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