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1841 PT


Gordon Russell


Henry Kaplan, Lela Swift

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The Great House at Collinwood in the year 1841. A time when the Collins family lived in mortal fear of a curse set upon them by an enraged ancestor more than one hundred and sixty years ago. Since then the family has known only tragedy. On the night that has just passed, Melanie Collins was married to Kendrick Young, but their happiness was to be short-lived. First, they learned that Daphne Collins had just died after a brief illness. And then, Melanie once again became the victim of the ghost of Brutus Collins...the man who started the curse.

It is decided that the lottery will be held immediately. Catherine has another fainting spell. Flora tries to convince Kendrick to annul his marriage to Melanie, he refuses and plans to participate in the lottery. Morgan makes tries to make Catherine promise not to marry Bramwell if he dies. Kendrick is chosen in the lottery.

Memorable quotes

Dramatis personae

Joan Bennett as Flora Collins

Grayson Hall as Julia Collins

John Karlen as Kendrick Young

Lara Parker as Catherine Harridge Collins

Keith Prentice as Morgan Collins


Continuity and mistakes

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