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Gordon Russell


Henry Kaplan

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The Great House at Collinwood in the year 1841. A time when unrelenting terror held sway over the Collins family. Haunted by a curse placed on them one hundred fifty years ago, by one of their own ancestors, every generation of the family has undergone death and madness. On this night, as the family waits to learn what terror the curse will bring them next, tragedy of another kind has just occurred at the old house on the estate.

Bramwell tells Catherine that Daphne has died, and of her last request. Kendrick and Melanie are married. Julia is concerned that Morgan will become violent now that Bramwell is free to pursue Catherine; she asks Bramwell to leave, he refuses. Brutus Collins appears to Melanie; she becomes insane. Brutus warns that the lottery must be held again.

Memorable quotes

Dramatis personae

Louis Edmonds as Brutus Collins

Jonathan Frid as Bramwell Collins

Grayson Hall as Julia Collins

Nancy Barrett as Melanie Collins

John Karlen as Kendrick Young

Lara Parker as Catherine Harridge Collins


Continuity and mistakes

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