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*[[John Karlen]] as [[Kendrick Young]]
*[[John Karlen]] as [[Kendrick Young]]
*[[Nancy Barrett]] as [[Melanie Collins]]
*[[Keith Prentice]] as [[Morgan Collins]]
*[[Keith Prentice]] as [[Morgan Collins]]

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1222 Gallery
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The Great House at Collinwood in the frightening world of parallel time; a time when the Collinses live under a curse that has haunted them for over a century and a half. To appease this curse, a member of the family, chosen by lottery, must enter a mysterious locked room and spend an entire night there. All those who have done so have either died or emerged mad. On this day the lottery was held again and Catherine Collins drew the losing slip. Now night has fallen and Catherine is prepared to meet her fate.

Quentin tells Catherine that he and Morgan made a deal to not let any women go in the room. Morgan finds a secret room inside the locked room. Kendrick accuses the Collins' of hiding Gabriel. Melanie tells Kendrick about her life. Everyone anxiously waits for morning to come. Quentin releases Morgan, who is still alive but claims his name is not Morgan.

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