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Quentin is caught by Lamar and returned to jail.


The great house at Collinwood in the year 1840. On this night, Quentin Collins had planned to take Daphne with him and leave Collinsport forever, but he has discovered once again that the treachery of Gerard Stiles knows no limits. Daphne was intercepted and forced by Gerard to have a strange and compelling dream, one that placed her under a temporary spell, and caused her to agree to marry Gerard. Quentin has heard about this, and has set out for Collinwood, hoping to arrive in time to save the woman he loves.

Quentin arrives just in time to hear the minister pronounce Gerard and Daphne "man and wife." Quentin soon realizes that Daphne is under a spell, which Gerard doesn't deny. Quentin is about to take Daphne away when Trask arrives with a gun. Quentin realizes that he has been set up and allows Trask to take him to jail. Just then Daphne recovers from her daze, and is horrified to learn of her own marriage. She declares that she loves Quentin, but Gerard says it no longer matters, as they are now married. Daphne accuses Gerard of being Judah Zachary, and he locks her in an upstairs bedroom.

Barnabas finds the room in the East Wing and witnesses Parallel Time. He sees Catherine and Daphne discussing a rumour Daphne had heard in the village, about a haunted room in Collinwood's west wing. Daphne is worried, but Catherine dismisses it as nonsense, and declares she still intends to live in Collinwood after she marries Morgan Collins.

Daphne and Catherine are overheard by an enraged Quentin Collins, who tells Daphne that he went to jail for seven years, for accidentally killing a man who had spread gossip about his family - the same type of gossip he had just heard Daphne telling Catherine. Daphne is embarrassed and apologizes. They make up and Quentin offers to walk her back to the village.

Barnabas asks Angelique for help in freeing Quentin, but she is refuses to give it. She cannot stand up to Judah Zachery, and will not risk herself for his friends. Barnabas is truly disappointed. He tells her that although he has grown fond of her, he can never love her, as she will never truly change. His words hurt her deeply.

Gerard visits Daphne in her isolation and tells her that everything will be over the following day, as Quentin will be executed at dawn. Daphne is at first grief-stricken, but then lashes out at Gerard, who throws her onto the bed.

Angelique decides to help Quentin. She thinks as she briefly gazes at the portrait of Barnabas that, while her actions may help Quentin, they are actually for Barnabas. Angelique realizes that if helping Quentin and risking her life does not work, that there is no way to prove herself to Barnabas. She uses voodoo on Gerard, causing him great pain. Before she can deliver the killing blow, however, he enters the drawing room and catches her in the act. Angelique is gripped with terror as Gerard tells her that she has performed her last power.

Memorable quotes

Quentin (PT): Now I must admit that I've never gotten along particularly well with my family, but it's the only family that I've got, and I don't like to hear stories or so-called legends about them. And I don't like to hear them slandered.

Barnabas: It's terribly ironic what's happened between us. We've been enemies for years and until we made this reconciliation, but I'm afraid that's all it is, we can be nothing more than friends.
Angelique: But I love you, Barnabas.
Barnabas: I've grown more fond of you than I ever thought possible but I'm afraid I'd never love you as you want to be loved. I am human and you are not. You are still a witch and lack feelings for others. You will never change, I suppose, being what you are. I'm afraid you will never change.

Gerard: I demand nothing from you. I demand that you get out of here.

Gerard: So it is you, Miranda and you have just used your last power.

Barnabas: This is your day, Mr. Trask, but remember we still have a private matter to settle between us. Tomorrow may be my day.

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Background information and notes



  • Barnabas mentions the year 1970, when he witnessed Parallel Time in the east wing room, and it changed and became Angelique's room.
  • In Parallel Time, on her way to the Collinsport Inn, Daphne met Ezra Robinson who was sitting on the porch. Ezra always talks to her, but she doesn't usually pay any attention to him. She found what he told her to be frightening about how everyone in the village knows Catherine has agreed to marry Morgan. When Ezra learned that Catherine was planning on living at Collinwood, he told Daphne that Catherine was making a mistake, and that she should be warned about a haunted room located inside Collinwood. The room is the reason why everybody at Collinwood lives in fear, and keeps their doors locked at night. He told Daphne there was a legend where every generation of the Collins family holds a lottery to decide which member of the family has to spend a night in the room, and everyone who's ever gone into it has either died or gone insane. The last person to go into the room was Justin Collins; it's the reason for Justin current mental condition. The official story is that Justin had an accident, but it has never been disclosed what kind of accident, how it happened, or where it took place. Catherine thinks Ezra to be "muddle-headed old fool". Quentin has been away for seven years; he was convicted for manslaughter and sent to prison. He got into a fight with a man and killed him because he was spreading stories about the Collins family, the same kind of stories Ezra has been telling Daphne. Quentin has never gotten along particularly well with the rest of the family. He last saw Daphne five years ago.
  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Barnabas: Parallel Time; Angelique: Barnabas.
  • TIMELINE: Quentin and Desmond will be beheaded at dawn tomorrow. 2:50am: Barnabas and Angelique in the drawing room. Quentin will die in 24 hours.

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