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Samantha shoots Joanna, however the bullet has no effect on her.


The great house of Collinwood in the year 1840, a time of crisis for the Collins family. After being condemned to die for the practice of witchcraft, Quentin and Desmond have escaped from jail and are now hiding out in an abandoned fishing shack. On this night Quentin goes to Collinwood to meet his beloved Daphne in the east wing of the great house, unaware that he is soon to witness the world of Parallel Time.

Quentin and Daphne hide and overhear as Morgan tries to get Catherine to accept his marriage proposal, she finally agrees. Samantha shoots Joanna, however the bullet has no effect on her. Samantha and Gerard dig up Joanna's grave and find it empty. Joanna tricks Samantha into going to Widow's Hill, where she shows Samantha a vision of a skeleton, what she is going to become.

Memorable quotes

Daphne: We're trapped! We're trapped in another time!

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  • Ernest Weisman teaches at the university of Vienna. Several years ago he wrote a pamphlet about twin worlds in a concurrent band of time, known as the 'Weisman theory'.
  • In Parallel Time, Samantha has lived at Collinwood for ten years.
  • During this episode, Quentin and Daphne find themselves in Parallel Time. They choose to hide from the parallel time counterparts. The couple find themselves back in their own time when Daphne's parallel time counterpart steps into the Parallel Time room. Quentin reasons that this is because there cannot be two of the same person in the room at the same timeline. However, in episode 1036 Julia Hoffman is not only in the same secret room behind the bookcase in the Old House with her parallel self, Hoffman, but actually kills her counterpart before Hoffman can stake Barnabas. (It is highly likely that Quentin's theory only extends to the Parallel Time room itself and that it is fine for two versions of the same person to exist in the same timeline if one or both are outside the Parallel Time room. As Julia is in the Old House when she encounters her parallel counterpart, she is not affected.)
  • TIMELINE: It was a few days ago when Daphne first witnessed Parallel Time, (occurred in 1186). It has been a week since Morgan proposed to Catherine, (occurred in 1186).

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