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Samantha shoots Joanna; however, the bullet has no effect on her.



The great house of Collinwood in the year 1840, a time of crisis for the Collins family. After being condemned to die for the practice of witchcraft, Quentin and Desmond have escaped from jail and are now hiding out in an abandoned fishing shack. On this night Quentin goes to Collinwood to meet his beloved Daphne in the east wing of the great house, unaware that he is soon to witness the world of Parallel Time.

Quentin and Daphne become trapped in Parallel Time.

Act I

Daphne explains to Quentin they are trapped in another band of time. Before they can think of what to do next, they hear Morgan and Catherine entering the room, so they hide behind a curtain. Morgan, growing impatient, pressures Catherine for an answer regarding his marriage proposal, then leaves her to herself to think about it. Soon after, a parallel Samantha Drew greets Catherine. She apologizes for being late, as she was tending to someone named Justin Collins. (Justin is apparently impaired and cannot speak as a result of an accident that occurred ten years ago, and Samantha was hired by the family to take care of him). Switching topics, Samantha tells Catherine if she marries Morgan, they should leave Collinsport because the house is too dangerous to live in. Morgan returns, prompting Samantha to leave. He begins to suffer from a headache, and goes to retrieve some medicine located near where Quentin and Daphne are hiding.

Act II

Catherine stops Morgan before getting his pills, and tells him she will marry him. The two are about to leave to tell the other members of the family, but a parallel Daphne (Catherine’s sister) walks in. As Catherine shares the news, the room changes, sending Quentin and the standard Daphne back to their own time band. Quentin decides to head back to the fishing shack, but asks Daphne to leave town forever with him. She agrees, and Joanna arrives. Joanna notes that Daphne still seems sad, and Daphne says it’s because Quentin will never truly be free of Samantha.

In the drawing room, Daphne recounts her experience with Gabriel. Samantha enters the room, convinced that Daphne has seen Quentin since he escaped. Daphne denies seeing him, but Samantha tells her she will use force if necessary to get the truth out of her.


Gerard silences Samantha and escorts Daphne to her room. Joanna arrives and confronts Samantha about the letters in the tree outside of Collinwood, and Samantha finally admits to leaving them. Samantha goes into a rage about why Joanna has come back to Collinwood, convinced she killed her previously. Moments later, she retrieves a pistol from a cabinet and shoots Joanna.

Act IV

Gerard returns, and the bullets have no effect on Joanna. Samantha runs out of the house, with Gerard close behind. They go to the graveyard and dig up Joanna’s grave. Gerard opens the coffin and finds it empty, then tries to reason with Samantha that she is not dead. Samantha appears to understand, and Gerard promises her that she will not hear from Joanna again once the night is over.

A few hours later at Collinwood, Samantha finds a note from Gerard in the foyer. The letter states he has found new information about Joanna, but doesn’t want to talk about it at Collinwood where they might be overheard. He asks her to meet him at Widows’ Hill.

Samantha arrives at Widows’ Hill, but she finds Joanna instead. Joanna admits that she really is dead, and has been using her spirit to maintain her youthful presence. She then turns herself into a decayed skeleton, which she implies is what Samantha will soon look like.

Memorable quotes[]

Daphne: We're trapped! We're trapped in another time!

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



  • Ernest Weisman teaches at the University of Vienna. Several years ago, he wrote a pamphlet about twin worlds in a concurrent band of time, known as the 'Weisman theory'.
  • In Parallel Time, Samantha has lived at Collinwood for ten years.
  • During this episode, Quentin and Daphne find themselves in Parallel Time. They choose to hide from the Parallel Time counterparts. The couple find themselves back in their own time when Daphne's Parallel Time counterpart steps into the Parallel Time room. Quentin reasons that this is because there cannot be two of the same person in the room in the same timeline. However, in episode 1036, Julia Hoffman is not only in the same secret room behind the bookcase in the Old House with her parallel self, Hoffman, but she actually kills her counterpart before Hoffman can stake Barnabas. (It is highly likely that Quentin's theory only extends to the Parallel Time room itself and that it is fine for two versions of the same person to exist in the same timeline if one or both are outside the Parallel Time room. As Julia is in the Old House when she encounters her parallel counterpart, she is not affected.)
  • TIMELINE: It was a few days ago when Daphne first witnessed Parallel Time (occurred in 1186). It has been a week since Morgan proposed to Catherine (occurred in 1186).

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • At the end of Act I, Morgan heads toward the alcove where Quentin and Daphne are hiding to get some pills for his headache. When Act 2 begins, Morgan starts to head for the alcove again from the place he started in Act 1, but he doesn't even make it as far as he did at the end of the previous act, when Catherine interrupts him.
  • James Storm flubs a line in Act IV: "Believe me, you will hear from the last of Joanna Mills tonight." Should be "hear the last from."
  • When Joanna arrives at Widows' Hill and begins speaking to Samantha, the top of the set and a stage light can be seen briefly.
  • On Widows' Hill, Samantha flubs a line: "You tricked me. You wrote those notes." But if she's referring to the note from "Gerard" that asked her to come to Widows Hill, there's only one note.

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