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Quentin and Desmond escape from prison; however, Desmond is shot.



There are many secrets in the great house of Collinwood. Daphne has discovered Gabriel's secret life. He has admitted to her that he killed his own wife, Edith. But instead of killing Daphne, Gabriel decides to hold her for ransom. Ransom Gerard will gladly pay after Quentin is beheaded. So, bound and gagged, Daphne lies in an unused room in the deserted east wing. Joanna, concerned by her sister's absence, hears a noise and she goes to investigate, not knowing she is taking her life in her hands.

Joanna leaves the hallway before Gabriel can strangle her.

Act I

The next day, Joanna goes downstairs and sees Gabriel in the foyer. She sadly says she still hasn’t seen Daphne, and Gabriel promises to let her know if he sees her. Joanna asks if anyone ever uses the East Wing at Collinwood, because she heard someone go in there the previous night. A nervous Gabriel says no one has entered the wing in years, and she probably heard a ghost. Joanna tells him she doesn’t believe in ghosts, and leaves the house.

Joanna visits Quentin in his jail cell, and wants to help break him and Desmond out. She offers to take him away to England on a ship that leaves that night at 11:30. Quentin is conflicted about leaving Tad behind, but eventually agrees to go with her, on the condition that Joanna tells Daphne.

Act II

Joanna secretly meets with Leticia at the docks in the village and tells her of the escape plan, but Leticia’s second sight tells her it’s going to fail. Leticia realizes that Joanna has no intentions of informing Daphne about the breakout. Joanna tries to convince Leticia to come on the boat, but she doesn’t think Desmond would want that. Leticia decides to leave, but promises to keep everything a secret.

At Collinwood, Gabriel tells Leticia that Daphne is missing, and tries to cast blame on Gerard. The clock strikes 11 p.m., and Leticia starts to grow nervous.

Meanwhile, Quentin fakes a stomach injury at the jail to get a guard to open his cell. He knocks the guard out and escapes.


Quentin unlocks Desmond from his cell, but the guard regains consciousness and shoots Desmond. Quentin knocks him out again, and leaves the jail with an injured Desmond.

Joanna meets with Quentin and a seriously wounded Desmond at the docks. Leticia arrives and tells Quentin that Daphne has gone missing, and suspects Gerard may be behind her disappearance. Leticia sees Desmond and his gunshot wound, and starts to cry.

Act IV

Leticia leaves to find Julia, so she can treat Desmond’s wound. Quentin decides that he can’t leave without Daphne, and laments to Desmond that they “almost made it.” Joanna tries to convince him to get on the boat for England, but Quentin tells her he can’t live without Daphne.

Later, Leticia returns to Desmond and tells him that Julia is on her way. The two confess their love for each other, and wish they were on the ship.

In the East Wing, Gabriel again sees Parallel Time, where a parallel Gabriel talks with Stella about how much he likes to drink. He tries to flirt with her, but Stella rebuffs him. Gabriel admits to himself that Flora hired a good secretary. Stella asks why everyone locks their doors at night, but Gabriel instead warns her to leave Collinwood while she still can. After he exits the room, someone approaches Stella with a knife, but she closes the doors before the regular-time Gabriel can see who it is.

Memorable quotes[]

Gabriel: Living in this house, Leticia, I can only expect the worst.
Gabriel (PT): I shall go pursue my only hobby. Do you know what that is? Picking locks. You see, there's a cabinet downstairs in the drawing room, and that's where they keep all the brandy for the company... the company that never comes.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • As Gabriel enters the drawing room, camera cables can be seen along the floor.
  • It is stated to have been tonight when Daphne attacked Gerard, as seen in 1187. However, a day change has occurred since then, so it would have been yesterday at the very least.
  • Gabriel tells Joanna that he's in mourning for his wife. However, Edith's death hasn't yet been made public.
  • Referring to Daphne, Gabriel tells Joanna that "I'll let your wife know if I see her."
  • When Gabriel and Leticia are in the drawing room together, you can see a camera on the left side of the screen.
  • When Quentin, Desmond, and the guard are fighting in the jail cell, the camera pans back and you can see someone's hand and arm off-stage to the left.
  • The angle that Gabriel is looking in on the parallel time room is off. When he is outside looking in, the people he is watching are directly in front of him. The door he is watching from should be towards the back of the room. When the view is from the inside of the room, you can see Gabriel is farther towards the back of the room.
  • There is a noticeable tape edit in the Parallel Time scene when Gabriel and Stella are talking, when Gabriel asks her if Flora has laid all the ground rules.
  • Quentin knocks out the guard, but doesn't take his gun. He takes his keys, but doesn't lock him in the cell.

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