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The year is 1840, and in the small village of Collinsport an old fear rises again - witchcraft is whispered in the cottages and the great house of Collinwood, for Quentin Collins has been arrested for the murder of Randall Drew, and there are those in the village who are determined to see that the charges against him are changed to witchcraft - a crime punishable by beheading.

Desmond tells his mother and Leticia about Quentin's imprisonment for witchcraft. Flora is in denial, but Letica promises to help Desmond in any way that she can. Carrie meets Mordechai Grimes's son, Jeremy, and fiercely defends Quentin to him. To her surprise Jeremy is kind and warm, and listens sympathetically. He walks her home and asks to call on her again. Carrie is flattered and blushingly agrees.

Later, Flora suggests that they hold a seance to discover the identity of the vampire. Leticia agrees to act as medium and attempts to contact Roxanne. Her spirit appears and Leticia asks if she will name the person who made her a vampire. Roxanne looks at Barnabas and answers yes.

Memorable Quotes

Leticia : I've been kissed before, Desmond, but no one ever called me sweet. Ever.

Roxanne : I have no rest!

Dramatis personae

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