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Lamar informs Barnabas he will marry Roxanne.


Collinwood in 1840. Those who live in the great house do not know of the the existence of a strange underground vault in the deserted cemetery near the estate. But in the vault this night, Julia and Leticia, under the spell of the warlock Judah Zachery, have attempted to join the head and the body. Julia is forced to leave the vault, and Leticia, thinking Judah dead, soon follows. But her departure gives away the secret hiding place to a very curious man.

Gerard enters the vault and attempts to steal the Mask of Baal, but the lightning strikes and Judah starts to come to life. After carefully removing the mask, Judah awakens, and Gerard tries to escape. Gerard crashes into the table with Julia's equipment on it, starting a fire. Judah corners Gerard and prepares to kill him.

Act I

Judah gets distracted by the fire and Gerard is able to escape, but he leaves the vault open.

At Collinwood, Julia pleads with Barnabas to let her go, but he refuses. She claims that Judah is dying and he needs her help.

Meanwhile at the vault, Judah is on his knees as the fire roars around him. He staggers to his feet and puts the mask on.

Back at Collinwood, Julia says she feels like her body is on fire and tries to escape, but she nearly faints. She recollects herself, and feels that Judah's control over her has ended. Julia asks Barnabas why she would ever help Judah. Barnabas tells her they have to make sure Judah is destroyed, and they leave to go to the vault.

Act II

Barnabas and Julia arrive at the cemetery. Barnabas thinks Judah must be dead because Julia isn't under his power anymore. He offers to let her stay outside, but she says she wants to see the vault for herself. They enter the vault and find it has been completely destroyed. They find Judah's body under a pile of rocks and Julia pronounces him dead. They close up the vault and Barnabas decrees that no one must go into the vault ever again.

At the cottage on the estate, Roxanne reads the letter Barnabas has written for her, explaining that he must devote his life to Valerie instead of her. She is incredibly heartbroken, and notices Lamar is watching her. Roxanne tells him she is thinking about leaving Collinsport forever. She quickly realizes she is confiding herself to Lamar, much to his pleasure. Lamar admits he is still in love with her and offers her another chance to be with him. She is intrigued, but admits she isn't in love with him. Lamar promises he will do whatever he can to make her happy, and asks her to marry him.


Gerard is laying in his bed at Rose Cottage, thinking about what happened in the vault. He suddenly feels very tired and falls asleep. In a dream, Gerard is standing in the vault that is on fire. He hears Judah's voice, which says "Find it! Find it!" Gerard wonders what it is he has to look for. He then wakes up and says "of course!" He runs out of his room.

Act IV

Gerard returns to the cemetery and enters the vault.

Meanwhile, Barnabas goes to Collinwood and finds Julia in the drawing room. Barnabas tells her that after speaking with Desmond and Quentin, they have decided to not tell the police about what happened at the vault. Soon Lamar walks in, who seems to be in a very chipper mood. He asks Barnabas questions about how his wife is doing. Lamar tells him that he has never been married until now: Roxanne has accepted his marriage proposal. The news comes as a shock to both Barnabas and Julia. Julia offers her congrats, but Barnabas doesn't say anything.

At the vault, Gerard enters and begins removing some of the bricks. Eventually he finds the mask. He removes it, and underneath the mask, he sees Judah, still alive and staring at him.

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  • The hand of a crew member can be seen briefly on camera as Gerard searches the vault.
  • In the opening scene we see the smoke coming from the vault before the fire has started.

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