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Julia hypnotizes Daphne and learns that Rose Cottage will be destroyed that night.



Collinwood as it looks in the present. Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman are still searching desperately for a way to avert the catastrophe that threatens to destroy the great house in 1970. But as events unfold, they both fear that they are fighting a losing battle. On this night, they have removed two children from the house to the sanitarium at Windcliff. Both children have been possessed by spirits from the 19th century. And as Julia will soon discover, that even at Windcliff, their lives are still in grave danger.

Julia gets past Quentin and discovers Daphne and Tad performing a strange ceremony.

Act I

Julia is shocked and wonders how Daphne is alive, and realizes that Quentin has been hiding information from her and Barnabas. She orders Quentin and Tad out of the room, and then asks many questions. Daphne doesn't reveal any information, but Julia tells her she knows that Collinwood will soon be destroyed and everyone will die. Daphne agrees to go to the Old House and tell her everything she knows, but warns her that there is nothing she can do to bring David and Hallie back.

Act II

The next morning, Quentin tries to comfort Daphne at the Old House. Daphne wants to get out of the house, but Quentin tells her he can't let her go because he knows she is trying to bring Gerard back to life. He feels that nothing good will happen if Gerard is brought back, but Daphne says it must be done to save the children. Julia arrives, much to the disgust of Daphne, but Julia assures her the children are safe. She tells Quentin to go to Collinwood to call Stokes and have him come to the Old House.

Meanwhile, Tad and Carrie are staring out a window at Windcliff, wondering how long they will be kept there. Tad wants to try the ceremony again, but Carrie says they can't do that without Daphne. After pondering their future, Tad decides they will attempt to escape from Windcliff at nightfall.


At the Old House, Julia begins questioning Daphne, but she continues to be evasive. Daphne confesses she isn't telling her anything out of fear for what Gerard might do. Julia asks Daphne if she was ever in love with Gerard in the past. Daphne thinks the question is irrelevant, but Julia says it depends on the answer.

That night, the children break out of Windcliff and end up in the woods. Tad tells Carrie that Collinwood is only a few miles away, but they aren't going there. They instead need to get as far away from Collinsport as possible.

Back at the Old House, Julia continues to ask Daphne questions about her life in the 19th century, and asks for a comparison between the current Quentin and the one she knew. Daphne tells her the present Quentin is much more loving than the one who lived in 1840. Just then, Quentin walks in, but Julia notices Stokes isn't with him. Quentin regretfully informs her that Stokes has inexplicably left for Europe.

Act IV

Julia becomes even more convinced that the catastrophe is soon coming, and wonders why Stokes didn't notify anyone that he was leaving.

Tad and Carrie arrive at the cemetery and enter an abandoned crypt. Tad says they will rest here for the night, even though Carrie is frightened at just the thought of being in a graveyard. As they walk around the crypt, they find a coffin, and Tad wonders how long it has been since the crypt has been in use. Moments later, the coffin starts to open and the children hide behind a pillar. The vampire rises from the coffin and exits the crypt, and the children emerge from hiding. The children decide to wait before leaving in case the vampire is still outside.

Later, the children walk through the woods as the dogs howl loudly. They stumble upon a dead man who appears to have been attacked by the vampire. Carrie remembers a similar event that happened in 1840. Tad remembers the event as well, and they run towards town.

At the Old House, Julia decides to hypnotize Daphne after her questioning tactics fail to work. Once under Julia's power, Daphne reveals that she will be the one who will be murdered prior to the destruction of Collinwood, but not before Rose Cottage is destroyed. Julia asks her when Rose Cottage will be destroyed, and Daphne tells her it will happen tonight.

Memorable quotes

Daphne: I'll go but I'm not going to let you destroy Tad and Carrie to bring David and Hallie back.

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  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 1101.
  • 1103-credits
    Closing credits scene: Abandoned crypt.
  • The victim of the Vampire is not named, nor is either the victim or the Vampire credited.


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