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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Francis Swann


Lela Swift


November 22, 1966


November 18, 1966


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Victoria goes to the Old House to try and find David; Matthew pushes an urn off of the roof in an attempt to kill her.


My name is Victoria Winters. I have lived through a terrifying week at Collinwood. Twice someone has tried to kill me. Now at last the Sheriff is asking questions, and a friend has arrived in Collinsport, a friend who wants to help and protect me.

Frank is upset that Victoria was attacked; he reveals that his father Richard had told him earlier that day that Roger was the most likely suspect. Richard tells him that Roger has an alibi, and the police are working to confirm Roger's story.

Sam shows up for questioning and learns that Roger's lawyers are to be present while he is questioned. Sam learns that an attempt was made on Victoria's life last night. Sam tells the Sheriff that everybody's curious about Bill's death, and it was idle curiosity that brought him to invite Victoria to dinner. Sam points out that he had the opportunity, but no motive to attack Victoria; he likes her and she’s a friend. Sam is allowed to leave with a secret tail.

At Collinwood, Victoria turns on lights and closes a window. She's nervous and receives a caller. Frank asks her if anyone aside from Roger would have attempted to kill her. She says David's weird but not a murderer (leaving out that he attemted to murder Roger and recently locked her in a room to die), and says Elizabeth and Carolyn are friends of hers. He tells her about Sam being questioned. She tells Frank how Sam is connected to Malloy's death and of Sam's behavior during their meeting. She says Sam couldn't have gotten into the house to jimmy her door. Are Sam and Roger in cahoots over the 10-year connection? Sam could have attempted the run-down, while Roger attempted the break-in, posits Frank before leaving for the Sheriff's office. Elizabeth is looking for David; Victoria speculates that David's gone to the Old House and heads that way. Elizabeth calls Matthew and asks if David's there; Matthew says he's probably at the Old House. Elizabeth tells Matthew that Victoria's going there, and could he search for David by the cliffs. Matthew agrees.

Frank demands the Sheriff bring Sam back in because of the idea that someone might think Victoria has dangerous information about the manslaughter case. Richard attempts to hush him because Roger's involved in the manslaughter case. Frank won't be hushed. Sam is brought in and questioned again. Matthew goes to the Old House instead of the cliffs, arriving before Victoria does.

As Victoria arrives at the Old House, she suffers a near-miss with a heavy urn, pushed off the roof by Matthew Morgan.

Memorable quotes[]

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • The calendar on the wall of the police station is turned to November of 1966.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • The map of New England in the sheriff's office is upside down.
  • When Vicki is turning on the lights in the drawing room, as she turns on the light in the corner, a candelabra-shaped light on the fireplace mantel goes on at the same time (and seems to light up just slightly before she is supposedly turning the switch on the other light).
  • Vicki told Frank that she was nervous because she was in the house alone, but it seems unlikely given the windy evening and that Elizabeth does not leave the estate (would be unlikely to be elsewhere on the estate given the darkness and weather). And in fact, immediately after Frank leaves Collinwood, Elizabeth comes down the stairs and asks Vicki if she has seen David.
  • Conard Fowkes flubs a line: "Roger and Evans were in cahute...cahoots."
  • When Elizabeth calls Matthew at the cottage, his phone stops ringing before he picks it up.
  • Hugh Franklin flubs a line when he tells Frank not to talk about the manslaughter case: "It's a dead issue, and Roger Collins was involved." He should have said "wasn't." [Not a flub. Everyone knows Roger was involved, but as a witness. So Garner would not have said he wasn't involved. More likely, the reason why Garner did not want his son to bring up the accident is that Garner, as Roger's lawyer, did not want his son to give the sheriff or anyone else an excuse to look into the 10-year old accident again and ask questions that might be detrimental to Roger.]
  • Ohrbach's is misspelled in the credits as Orhbach's.

End credits announcements[]

  • Phyllis Diller is a dilly, adding laughs galore to Tuesday nights with her TV family, "The Pruitts of Southampton." Give your funny bone a treat and watch the antics tonight here on ABC.
  • Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis Production.

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